5 Poet to Poet Tips

I am no expert in Poetry writing, however as I continue to produce new material. I wanted to share some tips with you that I have gained over the years.

  1. Word Choice Counts. Poems are typically short and can have multiple meanings but this depends on your word choice. I enjoy writing ambiguous poetry however, it is also nice for your readers to connect with you. Be mindful of your words.
  2. Line Numbers. Typical poets write from 4 to 12 or longer lines within a poem. Find your sweet spot. Not every poem should be 12 lines but the more lines you have the more time you have to convey your message. Lines are your friends.
  3. Use Metaphors and Similes. These will bring imagery to your poem without having to tell the reader what to feel or think. Example: “…the poet danced like a balloon in the wind…”
  4. Avoid Clichés. Your reader has probably already read many clichés and they want to read something fresh and new. Unless your cliché can enhance your poetry do your best to steer clear.
  5. Experiment. Try something new. If you find trouble when you restrain yourself to a poem type, try using various poem types every week. This will ensure that you grow, even if you think the poem is bad; at least you tried something new.

Have you received any good tips that aren’t listed above? Please share with me so I can continue to grow as a novice poet.


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