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Powerful Storms

Last Saturday a strong Thunderstorm blew through my city and state. There was a tornado spotted 10 miles of my parents home however it dissipated before it moved closer. Over 220,000 people within my city had no electricity. Gas stations increased the prices on bags of ice, many stayed with relatives, others called out and sought out power everywhere they went. 
It took the electric company an entire week before restoring power to everyone. Living without electricity is kind if forigen to many and we abuse this privilege. Many lives revolve around their phone battery status.

Folks I say unplug for 8 hours once a week, that includes the camera, and be in tune with your surroundings. We shouldn’t constantly depend on electricity to enjoy life 

Future posts will more than likely be 3 times a week just because I am back in school and now practicing within my field 40ish hours a week. However, I am going to start a new project this Friday so stay tuned!


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