Heads turned up
towards that star,
that shines so bright.

Chitter chatter dies,
as darkness settles
throughout the land.

That star was hidden
ever so briefly behind
a tiny rock.

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August 21, 2017 there was a total solar eclipse here in the United States, the first in 38 years. Now writing about the eclipse has me thinking about how ‘special’ the eclipse is. Each sunny day as we walk outside our bodies block the sun for a brief moment, much like the solar eclipse. The difference is the size of the shadow. Anyways I’m glad I got to cherish that sweet moment of totality.


They were given a house,
I was given a mobile home.

They were given designer clothes,
I was given second hand clothes.

They were given three square meals,
I was given two.

They were given what they wanted,
I was sometimes given nothing.

They were fortunate,
I was blessed.

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Deep Blue Beauty

Here I sit pondering
your endless beauty.

The sun rises and sets
on the same horizon.

You’re a vast ocean
of which I can’t understand.

You hold treasures new and old,
while you support more life.

Many cross your body to get from
place to place.

Here I sit above your crashing waves
pondering your endless beauty.

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Lost In Time

There we danced together
like flower petals falling
off their stem.

Gracefully entangled,
in each others arms.

There we danced together
beneath the moon light
as stars fell from the night sky.

Floating above the sea,
twisting round n round.

There we danced together
lost in time.