Summer Falls

Red, Orange, Yellow
paint the scene.

Short sleeves
start to fall.

Cool breeze
settle in.

Shorter days,
longer nights.

Summer falls,
Autumn Rises.

Hey guys, this past week I’ve done a lot of research on what else I could blog about besides poetry. Please vote below to which you would be most interested in.


Before the moment of death
the memories escape
shattering the life I had.

I rejoice each moment of triumph
as I whisper away
my life’s story.

Each breathe is harder to digest,
I feel time escaping me
faster than I speak.

Lean closer my dear – listen,
Don’t let anyone take your light away.

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Tips on Branching Out

Doing something out of the ordinary or routine can be a pretty scary feeling especially if you are placing yourself in a vulnerable position. This can be nerve racking. When I started this blog a year ago, my only goal was to produce as much poetry or writing I possibly could. In doing so I gained a following. I’m sure many of you are in the same boat I am, how do I continue to grow my following?

  1. Listen to your audience and stats. By doing this you are able to fine tune what content you produce gives you more views and followers.
  2. Make one change at a time. This is key in order to see if something is successful you must make one change at a time. Also, keep that one change in place for a month or two to see the effect it truly has on your audience.
  3. Redesign your website. If you are still fresh, why not redesign your entire interface. Visit your website and ask yourself what is it that you want your readers to pay attention to?
  4. Utilize social media. If you haven’t made any social media account specifically for your blog you are missing a huge opportunity. If something is good and easily available to share on social media, trust me it will spread.
  5. Contact other bloggers like yours. By reaching out to successful people within your genre of blogging you will be able to learn some new tips and tricks.

Here are some other changes that you may want to consider:

  • Making list posts
  • Starting a vlog on YouTube
  • Start a Podcast series
  • Give some advice
  • Encourage interaction with your readers
  • Always, always reply to messages and comments you receive (even if it is late)

I hope this has been somewhat insightful. Please let me know in the comments which tip was most helpful or what you are going to try next.

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Do you remember
those 110 story
buildings that turned
to dust?

I do.

I was 7 years old
getting ready for school
when I turned on the news.

My mother broke into tears,
frantically calling family.

Once both towers collapsed
a blanket of smoke and silence
covered the city.

Many faced with
fear and bewilderment
as to what just happened.

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Screen to Screen

Those three dots
killed me.

What is to come after?
Can I bare the news?

Why’d you stop typing?
Was it something I said?
Come back, I’m sorry.

Oh good you’re back,
now tell me what you
really think of me.

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Many times I withhold what I really want to say when I conversate with people via screens. One, I can’t read their body language in order to understand if the conversation is going great. Two, I can’t read their tone of voice (unless its all capitol letters which indicates either anger or excitement). Those three dots kill me sometimes if I decide to discuss something controversial screen to screen.