I am gathered here today
to remember what was
once forgotten.

Your sweet smile
facing that sunset.

Those cool autumn nights
we’d sit around the bon fire.

My lucky pen –
the one I signed
my life away with.

I am gathered here today
to remember what
was important.

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This month is such an oddball of a month for me. I have had fall break, next week I go to a conference and then October is gone. Two months left of the year. During fall break I went to the zoo which I enjoy and also detest because the animals should be in a bigger sanctuary and or left in the wild. I love going to the zoo because I’m able to capture photos of the animals. My favorite animal to photograph are the gorillas. Below are my favorite shots I got this zoo trip. Let me know what you think!


Wild Fire Part 1

That blaze quickly burns
acres and acres of nature.

Smokey air, raining ash, red sun
many flea your heat.

Innocent animals flea
their home for safety.

Some don’t get too far
before the blaze engulfs them.

Your flames have died,
leaving an ashy burned view.

Humans will pick up the pieces,
move on in years to come.

Animals will slowly repopulate,
time heals wounds.

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An Important Lesson

In recent days, I’ve spent majority of my time between my two jobs, school, homework, and YouTube. YouTube has helped me realize that I created Writing Natural to leave some imprint of myself, outside of the typical social media platforms. I wanted people to hear my voice. In doing so I stopped writing to focus more on poetry, because that is what my audience wants. I watched this vlogger on YouTube and he said, “just continue to produce otherwise it was never made” he was referring to photography specifically but I think that this can apply to all aspects of hobbies. If I just write at least three times a week, it doesn’t matter what I produce because there will always be someone listening (or reading). I’ve continued to get support even when I’m not producing any work, which makes me feel awful that I haven’t provided any content in a while.

Thanks for always willing to read my stuff. In the upcoming days that I do post, they will more than likely be about various things outside of poetry. I’d like to get myself back on track with posting at least three times a week. I do love WordPress and the community I have. It’s time to get to work and finish strong, I only have 12 weeks left!

The photo below is one I took while waiting 5 hours for my car to get fixed (not the best day). Let me know what you think!


Many Thanks,

Writing Natural.