Here I am, just existing. Clock in, Clock out, each day like the last – mundane. Not a smile nor wince across this surface. Until… The light was uncovered, in the labyrinth midst luminously  shining. Each day a new feat, bringing with it a cheerful glee. Here I am, living.  

Social Media

Day in day out, I spend time scrolling through other people’s thoughts. Secretly spying into their daily life, like a reality show. Some ‘ooo’s’ and ‘awww’s’ said aloud. An occasional ‘like’, share, or comment expressing those undying thoughts. Debating if I’d succeed better, with all platforms instead of just the Twitter. What do you think? … Continue reading Social Media

Those Days

Ever have those days when, you don’t want to move, you just need a hug. Ever have those days when, you want to be alone, you need to coupe. Those days will end when, you light the candle, you find the hidden sun. Those days will turn into love, hope, and happier days. I have … Continue reading Those Days

Snow Day

Do you hear that? The sound of snow falling, landing gently. Laughter that echos through the trees. Birds chirping as they scour for food. I hold my mug tight, as I listen to peace. Its snowing, a weather phenomenon that is still rather breath taking when it arrives. Yes, it dampers life a bit but … Continue reading Snow Day

2018 Goals

I thought 2016 was a big year for me, 2018 is a whole different ball game. I'm graduating again! I'm quite involved and busy in my normal day to day life. During the last half of 2017 I realized somethings that I really could have improved on, thus giving me goals to aim for in … Continue reading 2018 Goals

Everything but Realistic

Here I sit pondering, what will come next. 57% of homeless kids spend one day a month without food. I was homeless my first years, I still remember. 83% of children live in a single parent household. I lived with my two brothers and mother for 18 years. 35.6% of those households, are poor. I … Continue reading Everything but Realistic