The day earth fell, it was gloomy. Those dreadful words I detested came true. News slipped between the mountain ridges. I wept like a willow tree, leaving water everywhere. Time to piece together, the man you were. In the days coming, I'm sure I'll write more but for now this poem will suffice. Friday night,... Continue Reading →


There it is, that majestic photograph. A glimpse of time, forever captured between a frame. There it is, left untouched that handwritten speech. A glimpse of time, still relevant today inspiring millions. A photograph worthy of 1,000 words. A speech worth 50 years of enrichment. Featured Image. With Martin Luther King Jr. assassination vastly approach... Continue Reading →

Room for Failure

Box by box, I pack up expectations. Move over new followers, improved writing, increased exposure. I need room. Room for failure. Einstein failed school, yet changed physics. E=mc2  Emily Dickenson was ignored, yet she wrote 1,800 poems. Beethoven stopped practicing, yet composed beloved symphonies. Move over expectations, failure is needing space.

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