There you dangle below her chin. Embellishing her neck, like a twinkling star. Dainty like a butterfly, stronger than an oak tree. 26 years of wear, yet still bright silver. There you dangle, making her feel safe. Featured Image.

I’d Rather Be…

I’d rather be… listening to your voice, than drying my tears. I’d rather be… hearing your life stories from you, than others sharing for you. I’d rather be… holding your hand than carrying your casket. You’d rather be… flying planes in the valley than watching us weep.

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Hey Everyone, I was recently (as in a few weeks ago) invited to create content for Ascerblog. I so graciously accepted the opportunity to write for another blog to get more content out there and grow my followers. As of now I'm just writing whatever comes to mind, in light of unforseen life events I've … Continue reading More Publications