Impromptu Travel

Have you ever just decided last minute, hey I want to go some place? You weren’t worried about how much it would cost or where you would sleep, you just needed to get away. That happened to me three days before Christmas last year. Where I work I get the last week of the year off (blessed I say). On December 22 I packed my car and took off for a wild 12.5 hr drive and found myself at the Capital: Washington D.C.

United States Capital Building, from Ulysses S. Grant Memorial

I checked into my hotel, parked my car and was off on my walking adventure with no sleep! Walking in D.C. is nothing short of breathtaking awe-inspiring magic. Every monument or museum I went to I was amazed. The entire trip I kept thinking ‘Someone who changed history could have walked right where I am today.’ Which lead me to this quote by David McCullough, ‘History is who we are and why we are the way we are’ which I think describes D.C. perfectly. From The Capital to The Washington Monument to Lincoln’s Memorial (one of my absolute favorite spots in D.C.) was I lead on quite the historical route. For those that don’t know, everything in D.C. is free (Thanks taxpayers!) from the zoo to all the museums. The lines getting into museums didn’t last too long because it was off season of tourism. It did resemble airport security except this time no one took off their shoes.

When I saw Lincolns Memorial, I literally sat down in front of the 10 ft statue of Abraham Lincoln basking in the radiant area. I was so awe-inspired that I went back the next morning to capture some morning photos of D.C. and by golly it was magnificent. This trip helped me open my eyes to how free I am. Free in the sense that I am not tied to anyone nor do I have obligations besides work. I discovered a bit about myself and that is, I am the most important person in my life. I cannot just live my life by someone else’s standards otherwise I won’t be happy. Find joy in everyday and most of all find your bliss. Also, wake up early and watch the sunrise awakening the world. It is such a peaceful time especially like savoring your favorite candy.

I ended the trip by seeing the Tomb of the Unknown Solider in Arlington. This place really hit home for me. The pictures and video clips I saw of this place did not do it justice. For what seems to be miles you see headstones of soldiers who paid the ultimate price for my (our) freedom. I watched the transition of the post on the hill around closing time, all you heard was the clicking of the soldiers heals on marble echo through the trees.

Tomb of the Unknown Solider; Arlington National Cemetery

Washington D.C. is such an amazing place to visit. There seems to be an endless stream of things to do and always not enough time to do each of those things. If you have the time why not make an impromptu trip to a historical landmark, it might give you a fresh perspective on your life and where you stand.

Thanks for reading! Enjoy this photo of me jumping at the top of the Lincoln Memorial.

Mundane Labor

Wake up,
use the bathroom.

Open the blinds,
feed the cat — meow.

Clean the dishes,
take the trash out.

Get dressed for work,
pack a lunch.

Leave for work,
at 7 a.m.

Get home,
change clothes
leave for the gym.

go back home.

Cook dinner.

Do laundry.

Watch TV OR
scroll endlessly on
social media.

Set alarm,
charge phone,
lights out.


Featured Image.

Apartment 204

855 square feet,
two people
one cat.

Apartment 204 there it sat — vacant
awaiting for life to fill
its vast space.

Tickle fights,
Cat naps,
Romantic dinners
dressed the walls.

There we sat building
our Ikea dresser
on a Summer’s day.

Eating our first meal,
where we lived together
in clash.

A year later
memories packed
and sealed with nostalgia.

Apartment 204 is now vacant
as we settle into our new place;
two people,
one cat.

Starting Over

Starting over has never been easy for anyone. Yet, here I am facing that wall again. I figured this time I would just write until I couldn’t anymore. I’m not sure what this will yield but maybe it will lead to something better.

Adulting is no small feat nor can anyone really prepare you for it. A year ago, I lost my father which set forth a series of events that would change the vision I chased. I cut ties with several people. My health took an unexpected turn. I found love. I started a career. I regained my life slowly.

I think Adulting/life should have the synonymy: persevere. Each and everyone one of us face several challenges throughout our lifetime much of the time we are alone facing those battles. The one thing we must remember even at our darkest hours:

“The battle may be lost, but not the war.” 

Tune in again for some more from writing natural.