Starting Over

Starting over has never been easy for anyone. Yet, here I am facing that wall again. I figured this time I would just write until I couldn’t anymore. I’m not sure what this will yield but maybe it will lead to something better.

Adulting is no small feat nor can anyone really prepare you for it. A year ago, I lost my father which set forth a series of events that would change the vision I chased. I cut ties with several people. My health took an unexpected turn. I found love. I started a career. I regained my life slowly.

I think Adulting/life should have the synonymy: persevere. Each and everyone one of us face several challenges throughout our lifetime much of the time we are alone facing those battles. The one thing we must remember even at our darkest hours:

“The battle may be lost, but not the war.” 

Tune in again for some more from writing natural.

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