Ordinarily I’d be okay
today I’ve walloped the floor.
Recollecting each piece
one by one.
Alienated from my ghost
display just an empty shell.
Navigating endless words,
anguished with the would have’s.
Graciously reenacting neglected
Engraving my woe for a brighter tomorrow.

Just write

No matter the topic, if you have a burning desire to write then just write. Often times I get too caught up in trying to write a poem that I forget why I started this to begin with, which was a place for me to write. I don’t give a kahoots if anyone reads what I wrote, I just enjoy the art of writing.

Bountiful of words hand picked to express my thoughts across a a screen and be read on the couch, at work, in an artisanal coffee shop or wherever my readers choose to read. None the less, you still should just write.

I’m currently revising one of my old “short story” character pieces that I hope to share soon. Thank goodness for technology and having saved the document in a couple different locations otherwise I wouldn’t know how much I’ve grown not only as a writer but as a person.

Often times we (writers) typically write based on our current perspective of the world. Each poem I’ve written lately to me seems a bit dismal but it reflects a time in my life where I was rotting tree in a forest. I’m no longer there but I think it is necessary to have a reminder so you know that it does get better.

Just write your heart out. Don’t worry about the grammatical errors or red/blue squiggly lines under your words; you can fix those later. Set a timer and just see where it takes you. If you don’t like it you can trash the whole piece and start again OR you can put it away and revisit it a week later to see if there are any diamonds in the ruff to be salvaged and showcased in another piece.

’til next time.

-Writing Natural

I Quit…

Endless scrolling,
peaking into
other’s lives.

Half satisfied with,
catching up with

Half worrying life
is passing by.

Abundance of time

This media is everything
but social.

Highlighting the good side,
best side of people.
While suppressing
the negatives.

I am bound
No more.

Time now spent
In face to face

Real conversations,
More literature,
More writing.

I quit
Social media.


There you were
taunting me
with your
        glass bottle.

Your sharp taste
slices my throat.
Forcing me to dance
like a sad jester.
Between each gasp,
I i n h a l e your courage
leaving me numb.
Intoxicated with 
each touch,
I've gone too far.
A downward spiral
anchoring me to
the ocean floor.
Here I search
to be heard,
                        Are you listening?