Day 09: Anxiety: 5 things i do

There is a massive elephant in everyone’s life right now. We all are aware of its existence but when advertisements/companies discuss said elephant they often say something like, ‘During these uncertain times’ or ’We’re here for you’. If you’ve ever read or watched any Harry Potter book(s) or movie(s), its like he who must not be named is Covid-19. I get the reasoning why companies are phrasing their ads this way, but let’s be real the virus isn’t going away.

We are all sitting in the dark when it comes to this virus, sorry folks.

Cabin fever is sitting in for most as top health professionals are continuing to provide us information about the virus which just creates anxiety. Now more than ever is it important to keep yourself in balance with your life.

I’m sure a quick google search can provide you some more things to try if you have cabin fever or are experiencing anxiety but here’s my list for you:

  1. Go Outside – especially if it is a sunny day. Just step outside for a few minutes, soak in that Vitamin D. Let the sunshine light your world.
  2. Practice Mindfulness – Find a video on YoutTube or an App (I use Lumosity Mind) and begin to practice mindfulness. Lumosity Mind walks me through each day how to relax and focus on my breathing.
  3. Exercise – Get up, shake out those gitters! I’ve started incorporating yoga into my daily schedule. My cat loves to be chased, each day you’ll catch us chasing each other around the apartment.
  4. Read a book –Nothing like a good old book to escape life. Close the social media accounts and spend just 30 mins. or even an hour a day to reading. You may learn something new!
  5. Schedule a Virtual Happy Hour – Humans are social creatures which is why it is difficult for folks to be secluded for an extended period of time. So why not schedule a happy hour with your friends via skype or some other way?

Not one person has all the answers, therefore we must share during this time how we are all being mindful about our health.

‘Til Next Time


Day 05-08 — Family

So, I’ve been MIA for a while, no I’m not sick. I’ve disconnected for a bit and spent some much-needed time with family which recharged my batteries. My family lives in a rural area, where they aren’t as focused on COVID-19 as I am (I live in a city with over 400 confirmed cases of COVID-19).  This weekend, we just sat around enjoying each other’s company. We sang to some great tunes ranging from mowtown, old country to a few new hits. We didn’t talk about the virus, we just enjoyed each other’s company, having a grand old time.

I played Monopoly Empire with my niece and nephew, played a word matching game, and they helped me cook breakfast. Even though I did have to work a few hours this weekend, it was still refreshing to enjoy my families company than worrying about COVID-19 and being under house arrest.  

My favorite part about this weekend aside from the family karaoke time I’d have to say was holding my niece as she is about two weeks old, and unaware of what is going on in the world around her. My niece and nephew are aware of COVID-19, since my nephew must be home schooled now due to the school being closed but they don’t fully understand the magnitude of it.

My family means the world to me. They bring me such joy when I can see them. Even though we must distance ourselves, it doesn’t take long to just send a text and/or call your family to see how they are doing. Don’t forget about your friends that are like family as well.

‘Til Next Time


day 04 — writing

Believe in yourself. As a writer enthusiast, I often deem my own work as flawed. While others, I am captivated by the imagery and the emotions they evoked to the reader. Its a challenge to consider myself as a writer and/or poet because there are so many greats out there.

I do have to remember they all started in the same places I was. Well except for older civilizations where they chiseled on stones or Shakespeare who wrote with a quill (although that sounds really cool now that I think of it. I’m sure he had a lot of ink stains though).

Given our global health right now, I’d say its more important to write more than ever because who knows what your writing will do for someone else. I also think of The Diary of Anne Frank, that book is iconic and it was just a young girl writing about her time during the Nazi occupation in WWII. Without those writings we wouldn’t have a good look into what that time frame looked like.

So folks keep writing, the good, the bad and the ugly truth about our days. Below is a poem I’ve played around with, not sure how I feel about it.

Pleasing the crowds is impractical with
Ambiguous reporting daily.
Novel Cornavirus can be —
Emphasis on hand washing,
Minimize group settings to
Improve your chances of not getting

‘Til next time.


Day 03 — Lunch Time

Here’s to another day with no social contact, aside from the texts. This brings back memories of how I spent my college summers at home. I’d stay up until the wee hours of the morning, we are talking about 5 or 6 a.m. and I’d sleep all day, and repeat. Something about the world sleeping while I was wide awake brought me peace. I didn’t have to talk with anyone, just me, my thoughts and the other night owls on the web. The other perk was I didn’t suffer through the hot and very humid summers accompanied by mosquitoes.

Today’s perk from working from home is… Let’s see if you can guess this perk.

Many people do this at the beginning of the week in large batches. They often take this to work.
You need this in order to survive.

What is this perk?

You guessed it, Lunch! I was able to make myself a quesadilla and it actually be fresh for lunch! I like the fact that I can cook meals fresh in my own home and still be able to come back to work. No more fretting in the morning as to what I’ll have. If I don’t meal prep before work, typically I scrounge the cabinets and fridge for whatever is easiest. I might be able to get used to this house arrest thing.

I haven’t heard the latest COVID-19 news yet, but its only day 03, could there be much news other than more people are being infected and unfortunately people are still dying from this virus. Please check in with your loved ones, check in daily with the higher risk populations, make sure they know you are thinking about them and love them. We would not be here without the elders.

‘Til tomorrow.

Day 02 — Death by Webinar

The commute to the office was easy. No traffic just a sleepy cat that needed to be relocated off of me. The coffee was excellent and the day started right on the dot. Today’s going to be a great day, or so I thought.

I enjoy Ted talks that are short about 15min or really any movie about that length. I’ve attend webinars in the past, but today was just dreadful. Back-to-back webinars, for 4 hours, all centered around the same topic: covid-19.

By the time I left my office desk my brain was fried. Each webinar offered a few tips here and there but generally had the same messaging: treat this like a natural disaster oh and we are all in uncharted waters (well that makes me feel better).

Yoga brings together the mind, body and soul.

To revive my fried brain, I attempted to do yoga. I never understood the purpose of yoga. I thought it was for the weak who didn’t want to lift iron. Today I found out I was wrong. Yoga is challenging and I probably should do more of it now that I’m on house arrest.

After I did just 30 mins of yoga, I felt relieved from the day at work. Tomorrow will be a new day, a new challenge. But… I’d like to know what you’re doing during these uncertain times to keep your sanity.


P.S. — typing this from my phone is a but of a challenge vs. my computer, lesson learned.

Day 01 – House Arrest 2020

In this new series, I want to just write about anything that comes to mind during my 14 day house arrest, I mean stay-at-home policy. After all, the time is now to write because all I have on my hands is thyme… Just warning you, I enjoy puns. Anyways….

I along with many others are getting acquainted with our “new normal” life. Our pets, children and partners are our new co-workers. My coworker thoroughly enjoys naps in the sun light, laying on my keyboard (while in use might I add) and informs me when he is “starving.”

I must say that I’ve never lived in a time quite like this. Sure, there was the H1N1 scare, Ebola, the annual Flu virus, even 9/11 but COVID-19 takes the cake. Empty shelves is trending while consumers frantically buy all the toilet paper and cleaning products they can get their hands on. I wonder if they know something that I don’t.

Hand washing is on the rise, which I think is a positive thing that has evolved since the outbreak began. I’ve become more aware about the surfaces I touch and changed how frequently I wash my hands.  

For now, I’ll be zooming through meetings while trying to not go insane in an 936 sq. ft. apartment. I’m sure my cat will grow tiresome of my company and find ways to hide from me.

What are some things you are doing during this pandemic? Has your life changed entirely?


Grow Yourself

Each day you are given endless opportunities to engage in various activities. Now, some things are routine such as eating, sleeping, working, etc. However, we still have some downtime in between those activities, which some fill with endless scrolling on social media, reading a new book, binge watching The Office for the tenth time, or other hobbies.

We each age out of school but does that mean the learning stops?

Learning doesn’t stop just because you stopped attending school. Think about your life now, when you got a new phone, you learned about the new features (especially if you changed from iOS to Android). If your a parent, you learned how to be a parent which I’m sure came with a huge learning curve.

As mentioned in one of my earlier poems I Quit, I deactivated all social media accounts and focused on growing myself. I “found” I had more time to fill with whatever I wanted. I joined a book club and have started to read more books. I’m no longer ‘keeping up with the Joneses’. There are a few drawbacks that I’ve endured since leaving social media the main two are: seeing pictures/updates from my distant family members and life/death updates of friends.

It’s been about 2 months since I’ve walked away from social media, and by golly it has been wonderful. I mean not only am I reading more but I’m writing more to fill the time I would have spent scrolling through other people’s lives for no reason.

To end this tangent, you should never stop growing yourself. As Socrates said, “Education is the kindling of a flame; not the filling of a vessel.”

-Til next time