Day 09: Anxiety: 5 things i do

There is a massive elephant in everyone’s life right now. We all are aware of its existence but when advertisements/companies discuss said elephant they often say something like, ‘During these uncertain times’ or ’We’re here for you’. If you’ve ever read or watched any Harry Potter book(s) or movie(s), its like he who must not... Continue Reading →

Day 05-08 — Family

So, I’ve been MIA for a while, no I’m not sick. I’ve disconnected for a bit and spent some much-needed time with family which recharged my batteries. My family lives in a rural area, where they aren’t as focused on COVID-19 as I am (I live in a city with over 400 confirmed cases of... Continue Reading →

Grow Yourself

Each day you are given endless opportunities to engage in various activities. Now, some things are routine such as eating, sleeping, working, etc. However, we still have some downtime in between those activities, which some fill with endless scrolling on social media, reading a new book, binge watching The Office for the tenth time, or... Continue Reading →

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