Zoomed Out

Zoom meets have ruiled the work force (for those of us who can work from home) for about 12 weeks (give or take) and counting. I’m not sure about you but I am over Zoom! (sorry, not sorry).

They are mundane and can be a tedious task especially when no one participates in the meeting. The number of my meetings has luckily subsided to about twice a week, down from 7-10.

Pro’s of Zoom MeetingCon’s of Zoom Meeting
– Social Interaction– Personal connection is lost
– Work from my own home in comfy clothes (code phrase for pj’s)– No strict work/home life balance
– Open’s new doors and strategies for the work force– Technical difficulties
-Time flies with hour long sessions (on average)– Disrupt my daily work flow

One might think that I am rather content if not happy that my zoom meetings have reduced dramatically but I actually miss them. I miss the social interaction part. For the past three weeks my colleagues and I set up a weekly trivia night. It’s so fun, makes me laugh and makes me feel somewhat normal again.

Although I may be Zoomed Out! I don’t think I’m quite ready to shift back into a normal work routine in the office. I’ve got another month at least to enjoy being at home, wearing my pj’s, not having to commute and most of all with my cat.

Stay Safe.


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