Phase II — Gym

Phase II of reopening has hit my city and further extended the delayed reopening of Phase III. I’m not certain how to feel about reopening as this is new territory for everyone.

This is a really bad dream isn’t it? — Sorry uncertainty is here to stay.

When I first took a trip to the grocery store I’d sit in my car looking around to see if other people were wearing a mask before putting on my and going inside.

I feel ostracized for my face mask even though others wear one too.

I’m aware that others are wearing a face mask but there’s something in the bottom of my gut that says I’m the black sheep of the world. Dramatic I know but I cannot hide the fact that this virus is unsettling.

The new Gym layout.

My gym has been opened for quite some time now and the new layout isn’t so different than the old one. Temperature checks at the door, every other cardio machine blocked off for social distancing. Locker rooms and water fountains closed. Some wear masks and others don’t.

Phase II is here for now — an increase in cases could send my city backwards so I guess I’ll need to enjoy the new luxuries that I have.


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