Love is Love

In recent days I’ve started to ponder about love and how love has changed over the years. Love is still just four letters but the form of love has changed. Let’s go back to those teenage years when dating was all the rage. Often it seemed that each classmate paired up except for me.

Then I did — but was it love? Did I even know what love was back then? I had a long term relationship and thought that was love. Actually, I’m sure it was love. It was what I thought/needed love to be. My security blanket, comfort zone, companion. Then life crashed down and I skipped town.

Maybe I didn’t know what love really was. After all, my parent’s were divorced and my mom and step dad fought constantly. Was that love? Constant disagreement? Surely not but I didn’t know.

 Love comes in an array of colors, emotions, thoughts and so much more. The love I have for chocolate cake is different than the love I have for my nieces and nephews. Love can be simple, complicated, confusing and down right scary. Putting ourselves out there to be embraced or shot down can be hell.

Now that I’ve aged like fine wine or cheese whichever you prefer, do I know what love is? Yes — love is like giving away your most valuable treasure, maybe a childhood token, and hoping that it’s well taken care of. If not, take it back, fix it up and try again. Love is something that will make us and break us but we have to choose to continue on no matter how scary it may be. Love is worth it. Life is worth it. You are worth it.


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