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Tips on Branching Out

Doing something out of the ordinary or routine can be a pretty scary feeling especially if you are placing yourself in a vulnerable position. This can be nerve racking. When I started this blog a year ago, my only goal was to produce as much poetry or writing I possibly could. In doing so I gained a following. I’m sure many of you are in the same boat I am, how do I continue to grow my following?

  1. Listen to your audience and stats. By doing this you are able to fine tune what content you produce gives you more views and followers.
  2. Make one change at a time. This is key in order to see if something is successful you must make one change at a time. Also, keep that one change in place for a month or two to see the effect it truly has on your audience.
  3. Redesign your website. If you are still fresh, why not redesign your entire interface. Visit your website and ask yourself what is it that you want your readers to pay attention to?
  4. Utilize social media. If you haven’t made any social media account specifically for your blog you are missing a huge opportunity. If something is good and easily available to share on social media, trust me it will spread.
  5. Contact other bloggers like yours. By reaching out to successful people within your genre of blogging you will be able to learn some new tips and tricks.

Here are some other changes that you may want to consider:

  • Making list posts
  • Starting a vlog on YouTube
  • Start a Podcast series
  • Give some advice
  • Encourage interaction with your readers
  • Always, always reply to messages and comments you receive (even if it is late)

I hope this has been somewhat insightful. Please let me know in the comments which tip was most helpful or what you are going to try next.

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5 Tips to Help Blog For 1 Year

1. Be Personal. Your readers are more likely to connect with you if you are personal with them. This also means being honest.

2. Use Categories and Tags. With every post you share you should have at least 1 category and 3 tags. By adding tags you are increasing your chances that your blog will be found by a variety of people

3. Get on a schedule. This will not only help yourself stay organized and keep your blog relevant in your wordpress followers feed this will also let your followers know when to expect your latest post. This can always be adjusted because unexpected events cannot be accounted for.

4. Be Active. In order to gain followers you must be a follower first. Believe in your work and people will find it and also believe in it as well. Join interest groups on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc…

5. Try something new. Don’t be afraid to branch out from your usual posts. Do you typically write serious articles? Why not try writing an article about odd things you see people do.

Bonus: Don’t Give Up. If blogging was easy than everyone would be succeeding at it. Stick with it even if you don’t get the traffic you really want at first, it is okay we all went through it.

Happy Anniversary Writing Natural!

Today marks one year since I started to write a blog for myself. Once I started, I wasn’t sure what I was doing nor was I sure that I would make it an entire year, yet here we are. First off, Thank you to all of my followers, and devoted readers because without you all continuously encouraging me to keep producing new material I would have stopped months ago.

What‘s Next?

I quite can’t say what my next step is because at this moment all I have are ideas sitting at a drawing board with no action behind them. Yes, I will still be creating new material daily. The current ideas on the drawing board are:

  • Renovating my Guest Blogger Series
  • Create more “food for thought” material
  • Incorporate new Social Media (Twitter or Facebook)
  • Produce a Poetry Book (featuring some of my favorite and some follower favorites)
  • Revamp my logo

If you could leave a comment below as to which idea you would like to see most I would definitely appreciate that. Or if you have suggestions leave them below as well! After all, I want my followers to enjoy my writing as much as I do.

Stay tuned this week as I continue to celebrate my Anniversary here on WordPress with some poetry.

Many Thanks,
Writing Natural Name & Slogan


10 Tips For Blogging

Since I’ve started this blog, I’ve written two posts pertaining to blog advice which are: 5 Things I wish I knew about WordPress and How To Become a Blogging Champ . I’ll admit at first I was so excited to find out that people were actually taking an interest in my writing. I started to research how to continue to grow my audience. All the advice I read was clearly easier said than done. Since the creation of blog in May 2016, I obtained 200+ followers in just six months. I like think that is a mighty accomplishment.
In recent days, I’ve received inquires about how I made that happen.Here are some tips that I think are most beneficial.
1. Find your point. What matters to you? What message do you want to convey to your audience? Why should someone read your post? What do you have to offer?
2. Condense your posts. Most the time when I read my followers posts I view them on my WordPress app when I’m walking to class or in the car. Brief posts keep your readers coming back.
3. Feng Shui your web design. It took me a few months to find a design that I felt best fit my blog’s impression. This being said I am looking into redesigning my blog once I hit the one year mark.
4. Utilize your resources. Ask other bloggers questions. Follow The Daily Post for daily inspiration as well as use the community pool and first friday posts. is a user friendly graphic design web page so you can create fun graphics.
5. Write a list posts. When I write a tips or list post this seems to drive the most attention. When you write the list be original, creative, and most of all speak with what you know.
6. Write often. If you write and post daily you will drive more people to your blog. This encourages people to take the time out and read your work. This also let’s them know you are a part of the community.
7. Be Active. Follow people who follow you. Read their posts, comment, and actively engage in their work. If you do this, the more likely that person is to be active on your page and your blog.
8. Be Patient. I know how much you want to see your numbers grow more and more each day but just give it time. It took me 6 months to gain 200 followers. None of my family, friends, or co-workers knew I was blogging until December 2016. In which I felt most confident in my work.
9. Be your biggest fan. This might sound odd however, be your biggest fan. Once you write a post go check it out. Re-read it each time someone comments or likes it. Try to see how much they enjoyed it. When a piece is a huge success you know what your audience enjoys hearing from you.
10. Don’t give up!!! I must stress this enough. First time bloggers end up closing down shop within the first year. This is because lack of inspiration, audience, life gets in the way, etc… If you enjoy blogging then keep it a priority. The good thing about WordPress is you can plan out your posts in advanced, so set some time aside and write like the wind. Then monitor your blog from afar.
Bonus: Use Social Media. This is something I struggle with because I’ve never used Twitter or Instagram for personal use. I use Facebook personally which works great for me. Social Media is a great way to promote your posts without you having to do too much effort.
I hope this post has given you some insight as to how to become a more successful blogger. Do you have any tips or advice that isn’t listed here? Please, comment below and share with the community.

5 Things I wish I knew about WordPress

When I first decided to start an amateur blog here on WordPress over the summer I didn’t know what I was doing. Time progressed my blog began to take shape into not only something I enjoyed reading and writing but what my audience enjoyed reading from me. As I reflect I thought I would create this post on 5 of things I wish I knew about WordPress when I began.

  1. Featured Images. I had no clue how people posted images to display on their webpages. I figured I could just add a photo to a post and call it a day. Well yes but that isn’t a feature image that displays like a profile image for your post.
  2. Functions of Tags & Categories. Tags & Categories are extremely useful for not just you but your users.Tags can be searched by any reader even on search engines. Categories are useful if you want to create different tabs at the top of your page. You can separate various topics or information to make your site easier to navigate.
  3. Branding. While this doesn’t seem too important but once I created my logo I took my blog more serious. I didn’t just want Writing Natural to die out within a few months. I want this blog to echo into the future.
  4. Scheduling Posts. This is a brilliant tool that will make your life a million times easier. I was extremely hesitant to rely on this tool because I didn’t know if it would actually post but I gave it a try and it has made a tremendous difference for my writing.
  5. Dashboard/Admin functions. I’m still trying to switch my view from just the normal to the admin functions. There are many more tools that you can use to include in any post. To access the admin functions enter: /wp-admin/  after your URL.

If you’ve read any of my posts from earlier this week I apologize for the repetition but I would like as many participants I can get for my poll.

How to become a blogging Champ

I cannot say that I am a professional blogger. I can say that I am still a rookie, however, I’ve noticed various things more successful bloggers do. I’d like to share with my followers some good rules to follow as they continue to climb the many stairs of the blogging world.

*Note the examples I use will be regarding my experiences and some tips I’ve researched*

  1. Don’t just like posts you haven’t read yet. I’ve noticed some people will go on a binge and like say five posts within a minute. Sometimes posts aren’t that long and quicker to get through than others, so will I know these likes are sincere? Probably not, but I do like to know if people truly like my writing. So far, I believe I have a great audience.
  2. Comment when you want. This is a huge one for me. I love giving out feedback on people’s work, I also love receiving feedback on my work. How else is a writer supposed to improve? I look back at the first poem I ever wrote (which was about ten years ago) and I realize how awful it was compared to what I write now. I won’t change the poem because its where I started. Plus, if you give feedback it encourages the writers to keep writing.
  3. Writers, thank your readers. I know life gets busy but if you are wanting to become more successful set aside perhaps 10 minutes a day to reply to your comments and thank the reader. They took out time to write you a comment so why not thank them?
  4. Experiment! If you start out writing long tangents about your fish, you probably won’t gain many followers. If you start expanding to other animals, different topics, try different writing styles, etc… the more likely you will grow and eventually find out what works for you.
  5. Give credit when it is due! If another blog post inspired you to write a piece for your blog, give them a mention. You can say Inspired from writing natural (have the post hyperlinked to whomever the inspiration was from) so they can also grow their audience. The daily post prompt is one that encourages you to hyperlink the prompt in your work.

Hope this has helped you in some way shape or form as you continue your way to become a blogging champ.