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3 minutes

Inside they go,
one at a time
locked in.

Ding, Ding —
shouting starts,
high fives given.

Swift dancing,
right to left
back again.

One hit,
two kicks,
down one goes.

Crowd goes wild,
and the winner is…

I watched 16 MMA fight’s this past weekend. Each fight had 3- 3 minute rounds. If the fights lasted all 3 rounds, the judges scores would determine the winner. If someone tapped out at any point in the 3 rounds they forfeited. Now, I’m not an advocate for fighting nor do I see the function of fighting; however, this was an opportunity for me to gain an insight to the fighting culture. People were shouting/rooting for the fighters which reminded me of what the Gladiators faced (or so I think). I guess people fight to try and prove who is tougher and to put all that training to the test. Overall, it was another experience trying to understand something else that people enjoy doing.

Have you ever seen an MMA fight? If so, what are your thoughts? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


Ordinarily I’d be okay
today I’ve walloped the floor.
Recollecting each piece
one by one.
Alienated from my ghost
display just an empty shell.
Navigating endless words,
anguished with the would have’s.
Graciously reenacting neglected
Engraving my woe for a brighter tomorrow.


There you were
taunting me
with your
        glass bottle.

Your sharp taste
slices my throat.
Forcing me to dance
like a sad jester.
Between each gasp,
I i n h a l e your courage
leaving me numb.
Intoxicated with 
each touch,
I've gone too far.
A downward spiral
anchoring me to
the ocean floor.
Here I search
to be heard,
                        Are you listening?

Apartment 204

855 square feet,
two people
one cat.

Apartment 204 there it sat — vacant
awaiting for life to fill
its vast space.

Tickle fights,
Cat naps,
Romantic dinners
dressed the walls.

There we sat building
our Ikea dresser
on a Summer’s day.

Eating our first meal,
where we lived together
in clash.

A year later
memories packed
and sealed with nostalgia.

Apartment 204 is now vacant
as we settle into our new place;
two people,
one cat.