Apartment 204

855 square feet, two people one cat. Apartment 204 there it sat -- vacant awaiting for life to fill its vast space. Tickle fights, Cat naps, Romantic dinners dressed the walls. There we sat building our Ikea dresser on a Summer's day. Eating our first meal, where we lived together in clash. A year later … Continue reading Apartment 204


There you dangle below her chin. Embellishing her neck, like a twinkling star. Dainty like a butterfly, stronger than an oak tree. 26 years of wear, yet still bright silver. There you dangle, making her feel safe. Featured Image.

I’d Rather Be…

I’d rather be… listening to your voice, than drying my tears. I’d rather be… hearing your life stories from you, than others sharing for you. I’d rather be… holding your hand than carrying your casket. You’d rather be… flying planes in the valley than watching us weep.


The day earth fell, it was gloomy. Those dreadful words I detested came true. News slipped between the mountain ridges. I wept like a willow tree, leaving water everywhere. Time to piece together, the man you were. In the days coming, I'm sure I'll write more but for now this poem will suffice. Friday night, … Continue reading Weep


Those dainty words twirl and dance between my eyes. I’ll say it today, I’ll say it tomorrow, I love – you. Sweaty palms, speedy heart, unable to calm the storm as you glide towards me. Your smile grows wide, melting my heart. The world sits in silence, now’s my chance. I……I…..I love….. I love you! … Continue reading Love