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Day 31: Closet Cleanse

House Arrest has now gone on for a month. Each crevice is cleaned six times over and then once more for good measure. Laundry hung, no more mismatched socks. Everything has a place now even the junk closet I have is organized.

While digging through the treasures buried within I pulled out a dusty tattered box. I opened it up to reveal a worn gold looking instrument. Memories began to flood back to me:

  • The acronym FACE and EGBDF
  • Reeds and more reeds
  • Mr. Dawson, Mr. Crockett — stay on tempo
  • Marching – left, left, left right left; “A yellow bird…”
  • Halftime shows – nerves shot always, uniform on, hat straight, I’m going to puke
  • Band Camp: Hot summers, hours of practicing, field shows perfected, on your toes, “This one time at band camp…”
  • Band Competitions: Kanckle, cheese fries, 9/11, Queen, The Beatles, Endless bus rides
  • Family
  • St. Louis trip
  • Parades – frozen fingers and faces, fair rides

I played the alto and tenor saxophone for 7 years. I wanted to quit after middle school but that would let my amazing teacher down, so I decided to continue through high school. Plus this made moving to a new state, new town semi-easier to make friends. Looking back now, I should have spent more hours practicing to gain more confidence to continue through college.

This old beauty needs to be serviced: new pads, cork, mouth piece, oil, brackets and a good shine will make her good as new. At one point I started to compose a piece but not knowing music theory I felt that it wasn’t good enough so I stopped. I locked her up in her case never to be heard from again.


This picture is at least 10 years old, do I miss preforming

Day 23 | Books

Since I’ve started working from home there are some perks to the job. The obvious ones are: relaxed attire, making your own lunches, no pesky co-workers/boss lurking around, you’re at home but I think one of the better perks to come out of this is the commute. That’s right, I said commute.

I still awake at the same prior to working from home; however, I no longer have to drive to work which saves me up to 2 hours of time. At first, I was watching a T.V. show on Hulu or Netflix but then that was mundane for those 2 hours. Now, I’m reading my books. I’m finding myself wanting to read more often than watch a movie or T.V. show. Which reinforces my goal for 2020: read more books.

Here are the books I’ve read so far:

I’ve also joined a book club which has been quite fun as I am able to discuss and connect with people without physically being in the same room, because you know house arrest. (Oh which has been extended for my area until the end of April).

Book Recommendations:

The Last Lecture by Randy Pasuch
The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand
A Child called ‘It’ by Dave Pelzer
The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life by Mark Mason

What are some of your book recommendations? Comment below I’d love to hear some of your favorites and maybe even read them too!


For a few weeks now there as been this scene in my mind that I cannot seem to shake. I’m more of a poet as you all are aware; however, I have dipped my quill on fiction writing and story building. It’s been over a year since I’ve written a scene but I’d like to share the brief scene.

“How do you see him in your mind?”

I hesitate, smile before answering.

The front door shut behind him as he sipped his hot coffee when the brisk air slipped under his shirt sending goose bumps to his spine. He placed a cigarette between his lips as he stared into the neighbor’s yard lighting the stick. He took a long drag and released it with a smile as if he was a dragon. He slips back into his world leaving a cold blank stare. His dark eyes were weary from battling the shadows within that no one seemed to understand. Each day he yearned to be home and in bed where he felt most comfortable. A butterfly landed on his shoe shifting his focus. His scruffy beard outlined his wide smile. He once read that if a butterfly lands on you it is good luck. Life seemed to be bearable for the moment as he sipped his coffee.

Your Invitatoin

The invitation was sent
now excitement settles
as she awaits for inquires
about her series.

If you would like more information or to participate please contact me at:

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” –Anne Frank

Life Advice

A few nights ago, I was thinking about giving advice to my niece if she ever asked for any pertaining to life. After much thinking and rewriting I figured I would tell my niece that:  Kid, life is hard. You’ll fail at something, you’ll fall and bruise your knee, you’ll struggle internally with your own thoughts, you’ll have your heart broken, you’ll have bad days, and that is all okay. Take what you learned from the good things and bad and use those to build yourself up for a brighter tomorrow.
I then began to wonder how would other people answer the question. So, I asked a variety of people, If you had to give someone advice about life, what would you say? Here is what I got:
1. Life is a constant battle with trying to discover who you are and what you’re meant to do. There’s going to be a lot of struggles and challenges along the way but you learn from your mistakes and keep on  moving forward. There will be times you feel low and other son top of the world that’s just how it is. People as well as things come and go but it’s up to you to decide who you truly hold onto. There’s just so much to do and everything in a small way is a new accomplishment.
2. Don’t take everything too serious in life. Life is short so enjoy the fun things. Find love and make the best of it.
3. Learn and remember to love everyone.
4. Live life the way you want to and not what someone else says.
5. Take care of the little things in life.
6. Never give up.
7. Don’t trust everyone that comes along. Some people simply look out for themselves.
8. Enjoy what you have because there are some people out there that would give anything to have your life.
9. Take all the chances you can, spend all the time you can with those you love. Never miss those opportunities to make memories because one day that’s all you’ll have.
10. Stop being afraid to go out and try new things. This life only lasts so long and we spend to much time worrying about things we shouldn’t.
11. Carry on in everything. In life there are plenty of opportunities to stop being happy, step pushing yourself, stop trying to succeed. Just don’t stop. Keep the momentum going by carrying on. Don’t stop for anything.
12. Life hits hard a lot, mostly from within, and when it does remember whatever it was that made you smile just moments before or even yesterday. Continue to seize everything you’re worth in life.
13. You can’t force things to happen. Either it will happen or it won’t. Let it be.
14. Life is full of drama, emotions, mistakes, and other people. Take each moment as it comes your way.
15. The greatest lessons we ever learn in life starts with learning how to walk. In order to go places in life you’ve got to balance and keep moving forward. You are bound to fall just dust yourself off and get going again. The world awaits you.
16. Your actions will always speak louder than your words. If you are sorry, prove it. If you are happy, show it. If you need help, ask for it.
17. Never depend on someone else’s happiness for your own happiness. 90% of the time you will be disappointed.
18. You will have some dark periods in your life. You can either stay in the dark or learn how to shine the brightest.
19. Help those out when you can. You never know what they are able to do in return for you.
20. Sometimes the things we fear the most may be the thing we excel in. Through facing your fear you will gain courage.

Question Everything

They say if you can explain it to a child, you can understand the topic. If you know me on a personal level, you’ll know that I am a “deep thinker.” This means that I think about questions that may not have one direct answer but rather than multiple answers. I love asking people what makes them happy, who are you, and (truly my favorite one) what do you want someone to know about you? Today, I thought I’d answer Who am I and What is the meaning of life?

Who am I?
Well, who am I? My analytic side wants to say, I am of the homosapien sapien race. I am made up of tiny atoms and molecules banded together along with DNA. This doesn’t sound pleasant. However, it is truly the only answer I can think of. My brain gets stumped if I try to answer it any other way. Trust me, I had a small trash bin full of paper trying to answer this question. So here it goes…

I am… A young graduate student chasing after one of her many dreams that will lead to the ultimate prize of leaving the world a better place than when I entered it many years ago. Within my short time I’ve built a great story that starts out sad but only finds a way up from there. I’m truly blessed to have had the opportunities I have had in my life and I hope they won’t stop now.

What is the meaning of life?

I firmly believe that everyone’s meaning of life is different because we aren’t all clones nor think the same way. I’ve thought about the meaning of life is to simply live a life the way you choose. That thought ruled out religion, money, government, laws, etc… which is why it isn’t a definitive answer.

My life meaning is… to leave the world a better place than when I entered it this can include but not limited to a legacy. Legacy meaning child, movement, etc… I want my life’s work to change the world in some manner either a global scale or perhaps a small group of people. This blog is sort of one way of leaving a legacy. My words will forever be in the interspace (whatever that means).

You should partake in the conversation to, by answer Who am I? What is the meaning of life?

This space was influenced by The Daily Post Tough Questions.

To Each Their Own Culture

All throughout school, every morning we would stand and recite The Pledge of Allegiance a song that was created in 1892. Can you believe it? Nearly 124 years later and the song is still prevalent, although many believe that schools are brainwashing their children sort of like a cult. The song is a part of our culture along with our flag. Every city I visit, I try to find the American flag to snap a photo of it. I believe that is the only culture America has is the flag and the traditional songs ranging from The Pledege of Allegiance, The National Anthem (which is played at most sporting events), America the Beautiful, etc… We show our patriotism, not saying that other countries don’t.

To each community has its own culture. My hometown had a huge influence from the Spanish community mostly people from Mexico. They brought with them their culture and most of all food. My mother’s boss brought their culture with them from Sir Lanka. Her coworkers brought their culture with them from Russia, Somalia, Egypt, Mexico, etc… The great thing about living in my hometown is the diverse people I was able to meet. My second grade teacher was Native American, how cool is that?! Her and my mother became friends outside of school and she invited us over to her home and let me inside a tipi (teepee). How neat is that!?!

Being able to experience and respect other’s cultures is what living should really be about. It is easier said than done I’m sure because many people have xenophobia (which is also the word of the year).

Take a closer look at the image below (which is the featured image). Notice to the left of it a golden arch. Yep, I believe that is also what American Culture is about quick and simple.