For a few weeks now there as been this scene in my mind that I cannot seem to shake. I'm more of a poet as you all are aware; however, I have dipped my quill on fiction writing and story building. It's been over a year since I've written a scene but I'd like to … Continue reading Hesitate

Your Invitatoin

The invitation was sent now excitement settles as she awaits for inquires about her series. If you would like more information or to participate please contact me at: writing.natural@yahoo.com "How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world." –Anne Frank

Life Advice

A few nights ago, I was thinking about giving advice to my niece if she ever asked for any pertaining to life. After much thinking and rewriting I figured I would tell my niece that:  Kid, life is hard. You'll fail at something, you'll fall and bruise your knee, you'll struggle internally with your own thoughts, you'll … Continue reading Life Advice

Question Everything

They say if you can explain it to a child, you can understand the topic. If you know me on a personal level, you’ll know that I am a “deep thinker.” This means that I think about questions that may not have one direct answer but rather than multiple answers. I love asking people what … Continue reading Question Everything

To Each Their Own Culture

All throughout school, every morning we would stand and recite The Pledge of Allegiance a song that was created in 1892. Can you believe it? Nearly 124 years later and the song is still prevalent, although many believe that schools are brainwashing their children sort of like a cult. The song is a part of … Continue reading To Each Their Own Culture

Pennies for Thoughts

I watched a segment from the Last Week Tonight with John Oliver about Pennies. I also watched a YouTube video called Death to Pennies. Both of which lead a great conversation for everyone in my life about pennies. Last week I conducted a penny poll on here where my readers could answer the questions: Would … Continue reading Pennies for Thoughts