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There they met for the first time.

She knew he was about to change her world.

Alone they talked, smiled, laughed –

Without a care.

There he picked her up –

For once she wasn’t scared.

She gave him her 143 that day,

He wept happiness –

Something he lost a long time ago.

They met at a park and have loved ever since.

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Hey Everyone,

I was recently (as in a few weeks ago) invited to create content for Ascerblog. I so graciously accepted the opportunity to write for another blog to get more content out there and grow my followers. As of now I’m just writing whatever comes to mind, in light of unforseen life events I’ve had to reduce how often I post and what I post. I’m trying to get back into the swing of things and appreciate your words of encouragement. Anyways, I wrote for the first time on Ascerblog about Recovery, I think it’s touching but I’m bias! haha. Follow the link below to read my recent piece, otherwise stay tuned for more writings.

Recovery – Ascerblog




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Today’s the day,
I’m sure of it!

I’ve got my lucky socks on,
the sun is shining,
nothing can bring me

Except I forgot my lunch,
that’s okay.

Except I left my wallet,
on the counter.

That’s okay,
Today’s the day!

I stand before all of you,
as I await for the cue,
I stumble to the ground.

Today’s the day,
the day I don’t want
to remember ever.

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Welcome Back!

Here I am
still mighty
as a tree.

I’ve taken
a rest
under the moon crest.

Now I have
arrived back home
settled in and ready to share.

I’m Back!!! Where have I been? I must apologize for my absent this past few months. I’ve been extremely busy working as a behavior technician, going home every weekend to spend precious time with my nieces and nephews, and going to school 3 times a week. Needless to say my summer has been quite full. I have had some adventures that I can’t wait to share with you all (yes I have photos too!) As I was away I didn’t stop writing, so I have plenty to share with you all. I appreciate your support and continued follows. I am going to start posting again at least 3 times a week.


She stood like a stiff board
As the men carried the box
To it’s restful place.

Drapped on top of the pearl box
laid a flag adorned with
Stars and stripes.

The flag took her father’s place,
no more daddy dances nor
fishing with him.

Many shake her hand,
not one hold on too long,
Thanking her for his service.
This was in honor if Memorial Day here in the States. I have close ties to military families and my significant other is in the service. A wonderful yet gloomy day Memorial day is to remember the fallen.