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I’m Afraid Of…

Today’s post stems from a question, What is one thing you are afraid to tell people?

Generally speaking, I’m a fairly open book. I have no shame in my past; in fact, I am proud of my past because without it, I would not be who I am today. However, there are certain things I just don’t share with anyone. Today is the day I share with you all, complete strangers, what I’m afraid of and I believe most can relate.

I find bliss in helping others. It can be sharing a small token of appreciation to giving someone time to talk about what’s going on in their world and how they can come back from the place they are at. I take pride in building connections with people from day one. Many times these folks think that I have my life put together and comment ‘wow I wish I was more like you’, but do you really?

I am afraid of telling people I am not okay.

I am afraid of telling people that I am not okay. I can ask for help with projects or things I simply cannot do without others however, when it comes to my own personal life (like my thoughts), its much harder for me to say I’m not okay. I try to be the strong one for everyone else. I put others before myself.

By admitting I am not okay, it makes me feel as if I am weak and incapable of “doing life.” Lately it has been that time where I want to say I am not okay. I’m so worn out by putting others first, that I don’t know where to begin in helping myself.

When it rains, it pours.

It seems that when I strive to make myself better, I take three giant leaps back before I can move forward. I’m in this odd part of my life where I enjoy my freedom however, it would be nice to be appreciated and most of all respected by someone who truly and deeply cares about me and all of me for that matter.

Now tell me what you are afraid of telling others?