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Today’s the day,
I’m sure of it!

I’ve got my lucky socks on,
the sun is shining,
nothing can bring me

Except I forgot my lunch,
that’s okay.

Except I left my wallet,
on the counter.

That’s okay,
Today’s the day!

I stand before all of you,
as I await for the cue,
I stumble to the ground.

Today’s the day,
the day I don’t want
to remember ever.

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A Poet’s Block

Day after day,
I write musing words
in an endless stream
hoping to churn
a good piece.

All that comes to mind
is my mother’s voice,
played like a broken record.
Shattering my brain
into a million pieces.

Line after line,
I write dull thoughts
striving for something
better than a sad
freestyle poem.

If only I could share
the love I hear in her
voice when we talk.
I leave this not for you but me
in hope of a better attempt