Brace The Change.

There are many unspoken codes that occur in life. When something is added or removed that means there is change. Some changes we have to brace ourselves for like a ship sailing through a storm, while others its like a ship that hasn't left the harbor. For monumental changes, we typically need time to brace... Continue Reading →

Health Journey: Day 10.

Fact: I am my harshest critic. I know this. Today is day 10 in my 84 day journey of getting lean. I'm excited for the new strength I'll have. I'm aware that I can sabotage myself not by caving into those delicious brownies and pizza cravings (no matter how ooey-gooey delicious it may sound). I'm... Continue Reading →

Dear 2021 — a new hope

While 2020 served a grander purpose than many of us may realize we all must recognize and give credit to the many lessons of 2020. 2020 for many we were kept inside. Isolated. Alone. A virus haunted us everyday. Somehow we adapted. We wore masks, washed our hands more frequently and managed to find small... Continue Reading →

3o Tips to Adulting

Life is NOT easy.You will fail.That's okay -- we've all been thereWhen in doubt bring a jacket.Doing something is better than doing nothing.Self-care is most important.Make it a priorityBe PRESENT in the present moment.No one has all the answers. Nobody knows that they are doingIt isn't always about the destination.You grow into growing up.Sometimes life... Continue Reading →

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