Do You…

Alright fellow community do you ever start writing a post and stop half way and delete it? Or worse have save drafts of half finished work? Be honest now. No... Just me okay. Well currently sitting in my draft section on here I have 10 saved drafts. Why not just publish them? Excellent question fellow... Continue Reading →

First draft

Articulating words has never beenso challenging. Brilliant articles fill my feedmy work now inferior. Collation of wordssingled out one by one.Diminishing at my fingertipsthis poem is getting worse. Expressing poorly composedand formidable imagery. Gambling my chances ofbecoming a number one hit. Kindled by uncertaintylosing my grip with reality. Raged with fury,each paper shredded. Dare I... Continue Reading →

day ? — Things get interesting

I only know when it's Monday and when it's Friday. The other days tend to be jumbled. If it wasn't for my calendar being filled with meetings and reminders (Thank Goodness!) for said meetings, I'd be at a loss right about now. My inbox grows daily because what would have been in person conversations have... Continue Reading →

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