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How to become a blogging Champ

I cannot say that I am a professional blogger. I can say that I am still a rookie, however, I’ve noticed various things more successful bloggers do. I’d like to share with my followers some good rules to follow as they continue to climb the many stairs of the blogging world.

*Note the examples I use will be regarding my experiences and some tips I’ve researched*

  1. Don’t just like posts you haven’t read yet. I’ve noticed some people will go on a binge and like say five posts within a minute. Sometimes posts aren’t that long and quicker to get through than others, so will I know these likes are sincere? Probably not, but I do like to know if people truly like my writing. So far, I believe I have a great audience.
  2. Comment when you want. This is a huge one for me. I love giving out feedback on people’s work, I also love receiving feedback on my work. How else is a writer supposed to improve? I look back at the first poem I ever wrote (which was about ten years ago) and I realize how awful it was compared to what I write now. I won’t change the poem because its where I started. Plus, if you give feedback it encourages the writers to keep writing.
  3. Writers, thank your readers. I know life gets busy but if you are wanting to become more successful set aside perhaps 10 minutes a day to reply to your comments and thank the reader. They took out time to write you a comment so why not thank them?
  4. Experiment! If you start out writing long tangents about your fish, you probably won’t gain many followers. If you start expanding to other animals, different topics, try different writing styles, etc… the more likely you will grow and eventually find out what works for you.
  5. Give credit when it is due! If another blog post inspired you to write a piece for your blog, give them a mention. You can say Inspired from writing natural (have the post hyperlinked to whomever the inspiration was from) so they can also grow their audience. The daily post prompt is one that encourages you to hyperlink the prompt in your work.

Hope this has helped you in some way shape or form as you continue your way to become a blogging champ.