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Day 13 | childhood

‘I’m not going to drink coffee when I’m older’ a young naive child once thought as she got her mother the millionth cup of coffee (or so it seemed that many). Pitch black coffee in a cup along with two scoops of sugar and some creamer. Stir round and round until a light caramel color over takes the dark and french vanilla fills the air. Just like the way the young girl’s mother enjoyed her coffee.

Every morning, the young child’s mother would scurry across the street to the neighbors house to sit with the neighbor and sip their cup of joe while letting off steam in the brisk dessert air.

This was my childhood. My mom and my best friend’s mom became best friends (more like family, now that its been about 19 years). I hated getting my mom coffee (sorry mom if you’re reading this). I didn’t like coffee and I didn’t understand why she likes coffee, until recently.

Now I find myself, sitting on the porch with my cup of coffee enjoying the brisk country air while the world slowly awakes. Birds chirping, worms slithering away and here I sit observing the pure innocent nature around me. Its the little reminders I find throughout my time during house arrest that life is still beautiful.

Look up from your phone every once in a while. Break away from the social norms and find a blissful moment. Who knows you may even remember a childhood memory like I did.

‘Til next time



– Let’s skip this part.

– Tiny vulnerable infant not aware of the big, big world.

– Laughter, games and cheer with hits of sorrow that stain my mind.

Teenage Rebellion
– Hard work, broken hearts alongside musical notes and well kept secrets.

College Years
– Strong willed, eager, independent responsible adult-ish with not one but two degrees, what mighty times they were.

Young Adulthood
– Uneasy, anxious and lost in a forest of uncertain watching others settle into their nest.

The rest is still being written….

I don’t know what will come after this young adulthood season. What I do know is that wherever I am, I will always be better than I was yesterday. Each day gives us an opportunity to fine tune ourselves to finally be the best of the best. As a wise man once said

Be the best you can be, until you can be better.

A wiseman


Year after year,
my mother and I
would prepare
a feast the day before.

We’d make cheese cake,
apple pie, pumpkin pie,
horn bread, green bean casserole,
mashed potatoes, yams, dressing,
and so much more.

Her and I would be up
until the sun peaked in
the kitchen windows.
I’d clean the floor by hand,
then sleep until noon.

The house smelled of
a basted turkey
and warm yams.
Family friends,
would gather in our
southern California home.

Each talking to one another
before the feast began,
then all you heard was
clinking of forks against
the plates.

Happy Thanksgiving!


There I was from day one
by your side to comfort
you in your time of despair.

I watched you
grow and grow.

We shared lovely tea,
watched movies,
ate cookies,
and napped together.

I was there when
no one else understood.

Now you’ve stuffed me
into an old box
lost forever,
a forgotten friend.

Yet, I’ve still been here
from day one.

Does anyone else remember the bear seen in the featured image? It was made by Fisher Price called Rumple Bear Plush. I was given one from my Uncle/Godfather the day I was born. To this day, I still have this bear.

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