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Bath Time

‚ÄčWarm water fills
the tub like the sea
only with bubbles.

Two rubber ducks
make the journey
across the suds.

Splashes and giggles
even a bubble beard
are made during bath time.

Thirty minutes have passed
now her hands and feet
are wrinkled like a prune.
Time for bed.

Image source.

First Donation

There she sat nervously,
with her eyes closed
waiting for the deed
to be done.

One snip,
two snip,
with each snip she
squeezed the chair’s arm.

Her time was done,
when she turned around
she felt peace within.

What once was attached
to her head now rests
within her palm
a long brown braid
she gave away.

Image source.

I was twelve the first time I donated my hair. I was visiting my Godparents when I seen a locks of love commercial. I asked my Godmother if should could take me to get my haircut, she said she would only if my mother approved. Of course my mom said, “if that’s what you want. I’m not wearing your head.” So we went and donated my hair that day. Since then I’ve donated 3 times, each have gotten longer than the last. This goal is to donate enough to make a full wig for a child with cancer.

Summer Days

little feet gallop along
smiles signify fun
he jumps into the
water below searching
for his golden rings
children hide as
she shouts marco

those poolside parents
laugh as children slip
out of the water only
to shiver in the
summer sun.

I decided to not use any punctuation marks or capital letters because I felt that this piece should be relaxed. If you are interested in working with me sort of featuring your work with a prompt or questions I give you, please feel free to contact me.

I have been working on a special little project to make my blog feel a bit more complete. I completed it today and I should be releasing it sometime tomorrow.