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My Christmas Story

Hey folks as I am getting ready to celebrate Christmas with my family I figured I would share some of my Christmas memories. The earliest Christmas I can recall is when I was homeless. I remember waking up in a hotel room with a small Christmas tree and a few gifts underneath it. My mom said that the homeless shelter had put us in a hotel room and bought us some gifts.  Ever since then Christmas for my family wasn’t like the ones on television. It was more of just another day in my house. My mom tried hard to give us something. Which was nice but I quickly stopped asking for anything. I recall one year I spent Christmas at my cousin’s house which was fun because I was able to spend time with my cousins but I only received two gifts.

Last year, I spent Christmas in the hospital with my family. My brother was in an awful car accident. He walked away with a broken leg.  This year all my brothers and I will be at the parent’s house enjoying ourselves. All of haven’t gotten together since we were kids.

Now, I see Christmas more for my niece’s, nephew’s, and mom than anyone else. Each year I think of the many soldiers that don’t get to spend Christmas at home with the families. I think of the homeless and how they don’t get anything to open up. I’m lucky to even receive a card. Sometimes I take advantage of what I have in front of me.

That time of year
where magic
is everywhere.

Can you hear
the sleigh bells ringin’?

Homes adorned
with trees and lights,
spreading joy throughout
the night.

That’s the magic
of Christmas.

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