Strange Things 2020

Randy Newman's song Strange Things gives 2020 the theme it deserves. The song was apart of the Disney's movie Toy Story which premiered in 1995. 2019 ended on a high note for most, not really fretting the dangerous virus that lurked in the shadows. Then early in 2020 the virus unleashed its wrath taking out... Continue Reading →

Phase II — Gym

Phase II of reopening has hit my city and further extended the delayed reopening of Phase III. I'm not certain how to feel about reopening as this is new territory for everyone. This is a really bad dream isn't it? -- Sorry uncertainty is here to stay. When I first took a trip to the... Continue Reading →

Invisible Enemy

These days, I find myself staring at covid-19. I’m constantly reminded of the invisible enemy from radio/television commercials, texts from family members, endless zoom meetings, working from home, face masks or no face masks, six feet stickers or tape everywhere I look. I’m sure you’re facing the same. We are all faced with this and... Continue Reading →

Through The Window

I feel dazed ascontact with realityis partially lost.Loss of vacations,In office work,birthday celebrations,graduations –even your touch.Life is lived in the details,with no mercy in sight --This is our great loss. Anxiety ridden thoughtsI’m afraid of:being sick,dying alone,the end never comes,no sense of normalcy. During the bombings,in the bunker I socializedwe all sharedthe same fate. Uncertainty... Continue Reading →

Day 31: Closet Cleanse

House Arrest has now gone on for a month. Each crevice is cleaned six times over and then once more for good measure. Laundry hung, no more mismatched socks. Everything has a place now even the junk closet I have is organized. While digging through the treasures buried within I pulled out a dusty tattered... Continue Reading →

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