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Day 01 – House Arrest 2020

In this new series, I want to just write about anything that comes to mind during my 14 day house arrest, I mean stay-at-home policy. After all, the time is now to write because all I have on my hands is thyme… Just warning you, I enjoy puns. Anyways….

I along with many others are getting acquainted with our “new normal” life. Our pets, children and partners are our new co-workers. My coworker thoroughly enjoys naps in the sun light, laying on my keyboard (while in use might I add) and informs me when he is “starving.”

I must say that I’ve never lived in a time quite like this. Sure, there was the H1N1 scare, Ebola, the annual Flu virus, even 9/11 but COVID-19 takes the cake. Empty shelves is trending while consumers frantically buy all the toilet paper and cleaning products they can get their hands on. I wonder if they know something that I don’t.

Hand washing is on the rise, which I think is a positive thing that has evolved since the outbreak began. I’ve become more aware about the surfaces I touch and changed how frequently I wash my hands.  

For now, I’ll be zooming through meetings while trying to not go insane in an 936 sq. ft. apartment. I’m sure my cat will grow tiresome of my company and find ways to hide from me.

What are some things you are doing during this pandemic? Has your life changed entirely?