The day earth fell, it was gloomy. Those dreadful words I detested came true. News slipped between the mountain ridges. I wept like a willow tree, leaving water everywhere. Time to piece together, the man you were. In the days coming, I'm sure I'll write more but for now this poem will suffice. Friday night, … Continue reading Weep


Before the moment of death the memories escape shattering the life I had. I rejoice each moment of triumph as I whisper away my life’s story. Each breathe is harder to digest, I feel time escaping me faster than I speak. Lean closer my dear – listen, Don’t let anyone take your light away. Featured … Continue reading Light

Angel Wings

Today was the day that depression won, because the world was too heavy. Each day another battle was waiting, body too heavy to move out of bed. The gloomy cloud darkens above as it rains harder through the day. This world beat her down too far leaving her weak and famished. Today was the day … Continue reading Angel Wings


In the face of death the old ones speak, like a young poet beneath the tree where memories echo in the wind. . Each bargaining death for more time, yearning for one last huge and kiss, and one last adventure before they leave. . Lingering behind their weary eyes the birth of their children is … Continue reading Mortem

Life’s Guarantee

Life is full of love, it is in your laugh, her smile, his success, those tears, and death. Life ends with death, in your spirit, mind, body, but makes time priceless. Life exists in time, an hour is a long time, yet we waste it as if we have an endless supply. Love, Death, and … Continue reading Life’s Guarantee