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In life we come across various challenges, some self imposed while others occur without permission. Often times you hear people say that life is unfair and they are 100% right.

Let’s take a classroom full of 25 people, they picked their own seat. You handed them each one piece of paper. You then set a wastebasket front and center of the room and you tell them, whomever can get a piece of paper in the basket gets a $100 gift card.

What do you think is going to happen?

People in the front row won’t have to try very hard as they are just a few feet away from the wastebasket. However, the people in the back of the room have to try harder then the rest because they are sitting behind rows of other people.

This is privilge.

For those people towards the front of the classroom they may not understand or recognize that there is a difference between them and everyone else, all they see is the wastebasket. While the people towards the back of the room are the ones voicing their opinions loudest about the unfairness of the situation.

Educate, Advocate and Unite.

There is no golden rule or perfect equation to navigate through the privileges each person has. I do believe that people need to wake up (get out of denial) and look around you. It should anger you about the injustice that is displayed daily.

Its the time to educate others, advocate for those who don’t have a voice and most importantly unite with each other to make a better and brighter future for all.


I did not develop the privilege lesson on my own however, it is truly a powerful lesson we all should sit back and dwell on. In light of the tragic events now more than ever we need solidarity to ensure that Black Lives Matter.

Day 31: Closet Cleanse

House Arrest has now gone on for a month. Each crevice is cleaned six times over and then once more for good measure. Laundry hung, no more mismatched socks. Everything has a place now even the junk closet I have is organized.

While digging through the treasures buried within I pulled out a dusty tattered box. I opened it up to reveal a worn gold looking instrument. Memories began to flood back to me:

  • The acronym FACE and EGBDF
  • Reeds and more reeds
  • Mr. Dawson, Mr. Crockett — stay on tempo
  • Marching – left, left, left right left; “A yellow bird…”
  • Halftime shows – nerves shot always, uniform on, hat straight, I’m going to puke
  • Band Camp: Hot summers, hours of practicing, field shows perfected, on your toes, “This one time at band camp…”
  • Band Competitions: Kanckle, cheese fries, 9/11, Queen, The Beatles, Endless bus rides
  • Family
  • St. Louis trip
  • Parades – frozen fingers and faces, fair rides

I played the alto and tenor saxophone for 7 years. I wanted to quit after middle school but that would let my amazing teacher down, so I decided to continue through high school. Plus this made moving to a new state, new town semi-easier to make friends. Looking back now, I should have spent more hours practicing to gain more confidence to continue through college.

This old beauty needs to be serviced: new pads, cork, mouth piece, oil, brackets and a good shine will make her good as new. At one point I started to compose a piece but not knowing music theory I felt that it wasn’t good enough so I stopped. I locked her up in her case never to be heard from again.


This picture is at least 10 years old, do I miss preforming

Day 23 | Books

Since I’ve started working from home there are some perks to the job. The obvious ones are: relaxed attire, making your own lunches, no pesky co-workers/boss lurking around, you’re at home but I think one of the better perks to come out of this is the commute. That’s right, I said commute.

I still awake at the same prior to working from home; however, I no longer have to drive to work which saves me up to 2 hours of time. At first, I was watching a T.V. show on Hulu or Netflix but then that was mundane for those 2 hours. Now, I’m reading my books. I’m finding myself wanting to read more often than watch a movie or T.V. show. Which reinforces my goal for 2020: read more books.

Here are the books I’ve read so far:

I’ve also joined a book club which has been quite fun as I am able to discuss and connect with people without physically being in the same room, because you know house arrest. (Oh which has been extended for my area until the end of April).

Book Recommendations:

The Last Lecture by Randy Pasuch
The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand
A Child called ‘It’ by Dave Pelzer
The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life by Mark Mason

What are some of your book recommendations? Comment below I’d love to hear some of your favorites and maybe even read them too!

Day 18 | Pairs

We are an
iconic duo

Peanut Butter &

Salt &

Life with you
makes sense

Night &

Left &

You can’t have one
without the other

Hot &

Life &

Here we are
hand in hand
an iconic

Ready to
take life

‘Til next time


Day 17 | Learning Curve

With all that has happened in the last month I’d say, we’ve all been faced with a major curve. No, I’m not talking about the COVID-19 slow the curve, I’m referring to the learning curve. We may have lived in a tech savy world but I think now more than ever are we utilizing all of our technology resources to the max and gaining new skills daily.

Before the virus I was managing a call center with a staff of 20 on top of assisting my Director and other team members in the department with their fundraising needs. I was adjusting, monitoring our goals, preparing activities and ensuring that my team was able to obtain their goal by June.

A month ago I had to make the tough call and close my call center until further notice. However, I did give the option to my staff if they wished to work remotely.

Now, I find myself with a staff of 10 and scrambling to figure out exactly how I can provide remote work for them. With every new task, I feel as if I will never see the light at the end of this dark and narrow tunnel. I find myself struggling with being a good leader for my staff because I don’t have answers nor am I able to be there to support them as I feel I should. I must remind myself that we are all in the same boat looking to our leaders for guidance.

I think its amusing that as an adult when I’m stuck, lost or down right confused I look for another adult who appears to have their ducks in a row for advice. I’m 100% certain they too were just like me which reassures me that I’m doing the best that I can with the tools that I have.

During these crisis moments, no matter how much you second guess yourself just remember you are not alone. I can guarantee you that someone else in this not-so-big world is going or has gone through what you are. We all will get through this.

‘Til Next Time,


Day 16 | Cabin Fever

Here I am, day 16 and I believe cabin fever is setting in and there is no sign of when this house arrest will be over. My local officials extended the stay-at-home policy for another two weeks as they try to flatten the curve.

Meanwhile, those that do work from home (like myself), I’m sure care going stir crazy. An influx of emails, assisting coworkers on their needs meanwhile trying to find that balance of work life. Staring at the same walls its getting boring.

I’ve tried to see family when I can but I miss being in my actual work office vs. my make shift office, although I do enjoy my morning coffee and work outside on my back porch — quite peaceful to start my days.

Now below is my advice for combating Cabin Fever:

Go for a run. Exercise is always good. Getting fresh air is even better. Just be sure to keep your distance. I went for a run this morning — it was great!

Read a book. Nothing like diving into an alternate reality to escape the somber news we face each day. I’ve signed up for Kindle unlimited so I have a large selection of new reads.

Relax, take a bath. If you have a bathtub now is the time to use it! Just soak in the tub for a while trust me you’ll feel rejuvenated. Be sure to use Epson salt as it will help with your muscle aches.

Cook a new recipe. This will definitely give you a change in your routine of week night meals. Plus, if you have kids you can get them involved too!

Explore the world via Google maps/Earth. We might not physically be able/want to get out of the house right now due to COVID-19; however, we can explore the world using Google map/earth. It isn’t quite the same but hey at least its something!

‘Til Next Time


Day 14 – 15 | Plans

Before this virus disrupted our daily norms, we were planning. Planning birthday parties, wedding’s, baby shower’s, work events, concerts, summer vacations — you get the picture. We were planning our lives. Quickly filing our calendars with important dates to remember, without hesitation, without concerns of sickness.

Now many of those plans have been canceled, postponed or moved to a virtual event. Let’s be honest here, a virtual event is not the same as in person. We all are doing what we can, with the tools we have, to slow the spread of the virus.

*ding ding* I’m alerted of an annual event that I helped plan for months was scheduled to happen today. A bit of a somber moment over came my thoughts. For anyone who coordinates a major event let alone a week of events, knows how challenging that could be. All the back and forth of communication, advertising, budgeting, approvals, messaging, — a massive hassle for anyone to tackle. All those stressful hours wasted.

Usually an all hands on deck for a week of long hours yet instant gratification of a successful week of events — gone. Instead, I sit with my cat under house arrest, working while keeping a safe distance away from people pondering when the virus will pass.

‘Til Next Time


Day 10-11 | Blurred Lines

Since I began working from home, I like many others have now blurred the lines of the work, home life balance. Many are wearing new hats from parents, school teachers and more I’m sure that the lines will be blurred.

I’ve made myself a schedule of when I’m at work vs. at home without actually leaving my space. I set up my desk and when I sit at it — I’m at work and when I’m not well typically I’m not working. I have set up a schedule as to when I should be “off” and when I should be “at work,” but even those lines are blurred. Sure I’ll still answer emails from my phone if it’s something that I can answer and its before/after my working hours.

Example: yesterday I worked later than normal because I had this project I was determined to finish but come to find out it needed further tweaking today, which is fine because it was a minor edit.

My new normal like everyone else’s right now is I’m sure, a bit chaotic in trying to juggle everything while being cooped up. Let’s be honest though, there’s only so much binge watching one can do before they go stir crazy.

We might be closed off from society but I think we should open the windows and let some fresh air in every sunny day. Heck, step outside for a break and take a nice breathe of fresh air. (Currently, I’m sitting on my “back porch” sitting on a stool, listening to an acoustic playlist on Spotify while I type this post. Pretty sure I need to get a regular sized chair soon).

To recap my long tanget, develop a schedule and try to stick to it the best you can. Don’t forget to give yourself some time to break away from work to step outside and get some fresh air.

‘Til next time.