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No Man’s Land

No Man's Land.png

A good friend of mine who is a graphic design artist, we decided to collaborate on this piece, I’d write and he would design the piece. This was to commemorate Earth.  Let me know what you think.

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I hold one thumb to earth,
covering it — poof the earth
is gone, just as I did on earth,
with the moon.

Here I stand on an
Estranged uninhabited rock.
Silence never felt so quite;
loneliness now a new high.

There I saw the earth,
in all her beauty.
My life is there but,
I’m 238,900 miles away.

I’ve never traveled so far,
I see a black abyss.
Here I stand wondering
what the world is doing.

Oh what I’d give to hear noise,
To see people, smell food.
Drive through traffic,
Smell the earth’s atmosphere once more.

My time to depart this terrestrial place,
return home.
How lucky am I to be one,
of a few to walk on the moon.

He said it best,
One small step for man
One Giant leap for mankind.

I didn’t just go to the moon,
We as the human race,
We went to the moon,
and haven’t been back since.

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Writing Natural Name & Slogan


Eradicating energy
Among all life
Regenerate hope of
Tomorrow’s promises
Holding yesterday’s hands.

Willows weep,
Invisible forces
Navigate the land
Destined for defiance.

Flickering embers
Ignite uncontrolled flames
Relinquish nature’s homes
Engulfing our past.

Waves crash
Against ruined lands
Touching the mountains
Eroding their banks
Recreating a new outline.

Writing Natural Name & Slogan