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Everything but Realistic

Here I sit pondering,
what will come next.

57% of homeless kids spend one day a month
without food.

I was homeless my first years,
I still remember.

83% of children live in
a single parent household.

I lived with my two brothers
and mother for 18 years.

35.6% of those households,
are poor.

I was the kid who worried about
where my next meal will
come from.

36.4% of children/young adults
graduated with a college degree.

I graduated with a B.S. and soon
a Master’s.

What the statistics don’t show,
is the drive many have,
to beat the odds.

Realistically, I shouldn’t have
succeeded. With the odds,
clearly stacked against me.

Here I am living the dream.

The stats were from Covenant house and Single Mother Guide, 2016 U.S. Census Bureau.