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Phase II — Gym

Phase II of reopening has hit my city and further extended the delayed reopening of Phase III. I’m not certain how to feel about reopening as this is new territory for everyone.

This is a really bad dream isn’t it? — Sorry uncertainty is here to stay.

When I first took a trip to the grocery store I’d sit in my car looking around to see if other people were wearing a mask before putting on my and going inside.

I feel ostracized for my face mask even though others wear one too.

I’m aware that others are wearing a face mask but there’s something in the bottom of my gut that says I’m the black sheep of the world. Dramatic I know but I cannot hide the fact that this virus is unsettling.

The new Gym layout.

My gym has been opened for quite some time now and the new layout isn’t so different than the old one. Temperature checks at the door, every other cardio machine blocked off for social distancing. Locker rooms and water fountains closed. Some wear masks and others don’t.

Phase II is here for now — an increase in cases could send my city backwards so I guess I’ll need to enjoy the new luxuries that I have.


Day 09: Anxiety: 5 things i do

There is a massive elephant in everyone’s life right now. We all are aware of its existence but when advertisements/companies discuss said elephant they often say something like, ‘During these uncertain times’ or ’We’re here for you’. If you’ve ever read or watched any Harry Potter book(s) or movie(s), its like he who must not be named is Covid-19. I get the reasoning why companies are phrasing their ads this way, but let’s be real the virus isn’t going away.

We are all sitting in the dark when it comes to this virus, sorry folks.

Cabin fever is sitting in for most as top health professionals are continuing to provide us information about the virus which just creates anxiety. Now more than ever is it important to keep yourself in balance with your life.

I’m sure a quick google search can provide you some more things to try if you have cabin fever or are experiencing anxiety but here’s my list for you:

  1. Go Outside – especially if it is a sunny day. Just step outside for a few minutes, soak in that Vitamin D. Let the sunshine light your world.
  2. Practice Mindfulness – Find a video on YoutTube or an App (I use Lumosity Mind) and begin to practice mindfulness. Lumosity Mind walks me through each day how to relax and focus on my breathing.
  3. Exercise – Get up, shake out those gitters! I’ve started incorporating yoga into my daily schedule. My cat loves to be chased, each day you’ll catch us chasing each other around the apartment.
  4. Read a book –Nothing like a good old book to escape life. Close the social media accounts and spend just 30 mins. or even an hour a day to reading. You may learn something new!
  5. Schedule a Virtual Happy Hour – Humans are social creatures which is why it is difficult for folks to be secluded for an extended period of time. So why not schedule a happy hour with your friends via skype or some other way?

Not one person has all the answers, therefore we must share during this time how we are all being mindful about our health.

‘Til Next Time