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Day 19 – 22: Community

There’s no place quite like this. Endless woods untouched by humans. Dirt roads are perfect after a rain storm for muddin. The main roads here don’t belong to cars, they are for tractors hauling cattle and hay down yonder.

Every Sunday, church bells call to these small town folk, reminding them that this is God’s country. Family get together’s beside a bonfire watching fire flies light the night. Summer days spent out on the river jumpin’ off boats or cliffs. Fishin, huntin and cruising the back roads are all things that they’ve done a million times.

When Friday Night Lights are on you know where the whole town is. Cheering on their boys as they face long time rival teams. Post game win or lose the town gathers round a local restaurant to fill their sweet cravings.

Some family roots are deeper than a 100-year-old oak tree. Generations worth of farming and huntin’ on these lands. Some members venture out and grow new roots else where but somehow they are always drawn back to their southern roots.

Once you live in a small town and have some ties to the community you’ll never escape the home-town feel when you go back. ‘Round here we look after one another as if you’re one of our kin folk. In times of tragedy/trouble the whole town mourns with one another or pulls together and searches for hope.

This is more than southern hospitality — a community — a family.


Day 05-08 — Family

So, I’ve been MIA for a while, no I’m not sick. I’ve disconnected for a bit and spent some much-needed time with family which recharged my batteries. My family lives in a rural area, where they aren’t as focused on COVID-19 as I am (I live in a city with over 400 confirmed cases of COVID-19).  This weekend, we just sat around enjoying each other’s company. We sang to some great tunes ranging from mowtown, old country to a few new hits. We didn’t talk about the virus, we just enjoyed each other’s company, having a grand old time.

I played Monopoly Empire with my niece and nephew, played a word matching game, and they helped me cook breakfast. Even though I did have to work a few hours this weekend, it was still refreshing to enjoy my families company than worrying about COVID-19 and being under house arrest.  

My favorite part about this weekend aside from the family karaoke time I’d have to say was holding my niece as she is about two weeks old, and unaware of what is going on in the world around her. My niece and nephew are aware of COVID-19, since my nephew must be home schooled now due to the school being closed but they don’t fully understand the magnitude of it.

My family means the world to me. They bring me such joy when I can see them. Even though we must distance ourselves, it doesn’t take long to just send a text and/or call your family to see how they are doing. Don’t forget about your friends that are like family as well.

‘Til Next Time



She brushed the dust off
their portrait from 1987.
Side by side they stood
smiling on their wedding day.
They brought three children
into the world wrapped in care.
She refused to accept that
their love had died years ago.
Along the way she lost herself,
living to only see her children grow.
Now its her time to be herself once more,
finally accepting the dreadful truth.

Oak Tree

Here we are gathered
in one giant oak tree.
I can’t see who you
are at the top.

I glance round,
recognizing faces
smiling down at me.

I am prideful of
my heritage and traditions
passed down generation
after generation.

My roots run deep
within this tree.
Birds sing, words echo,
all as we continue on.

Slowly we grew from
a small sapling
into this wise oak tree
with deep roots.

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