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2013 Story

2013, 3rd semester of college I was sitting in a classroom waiting British Literature to start. My professor was a world renown linguist who just so happened to be retiring from teaching that year. Our first assignment was to write our own creation story, we were confined to just 1 page (double spaced).

In some cultures, religious beliefs, science even has books on creation stories. So how was I supposed to develop a story in just two pages. Well, I did and here is a revised version of the story. Don’t worry I didn’t change much.

Eons ago in the fourth dimension, there was a planet called Terg. Treg was advanced planet that was ravaged by war, famine, and suffering between the Arris species. Four of the great Arris fled the planet in search of a new beginning.  Erykay, a brilliant techno-path and inventor, Hud, the  botanist and zoologist, Dweezil,  noble ruler and creator of the Itl empire and then there’s Soise, the oldest and  most foresighted of the Arris species.

The four fled the planet when Erykay suggested that the four travel into a black hole at the edge of their galaxy, which would project them into another dimension. Later known as third dimension. The four anonymously agreed and set off into the black hole.

When they got out of the black hole, the third dimension was completely black and void. Soise and Dweezil spoke among themselves and started to construct galaxies, planets, moons and stars similar to Terg. Soise wanted their planet to be in a marvelous galaxy filled with many planets but just one habitable planet. The new habitable planet would be called Earth as Dweezil created the galaxy and named it the Milky Way.

Hud began supplying Earth with his vast amount of plants, animals and endless ocean. Soise made a new species similar to Arris called humans. They could become as advanced as the Arris if they found their counterpart as Soise split them in two — male and female.

Soise warned the humans about war, famine, greed and suffering and the fate if they let these things happen. While Erykay gave them the technology tools they needed to flourish. After Earth,the Milky Way and the entire 3rd dimension was created Hud, Soise, Dweezil and Erykay retreated back into the black hole never to be seen again.

This one’s for you.


Fiction: Scenary

What many of you may not know is that I’ve dipped my hand in a few fiction pieces before. Fiction for me can be quite difficult because of the process. I’d like to get back into it. Perhaps maybe start doing Flash Fiction challenges on a Friday. Let me know in the poll people. Today, I wanted to share with you a piece where I focused on scenery. 

This is where I hear the mountain’s sing as the sun lifts above their peaks, the dew wraps the blades of glass in the valley. The deep lake below our log cabin is stiller as the fog hovers above the water soon to be kissed by the sun rays. Clouds scatter above the blue-orange sky leaving my eyes to melt. I stand on the deck with unpainted toes and my dark-roasted Cuban coffee in my hand. My skin tingles with the slightest touch of her against my legs. An abandoned calico cat finds her way onto the deck each morning. I told myself I wouldn’t feed her but here I am giving her my toast.

“My what a view. I can’t believe its been two years since I’ve been here,” a familiar voice said.

I turned, dropping my coffee on the deck. It was the winter of 2001 when I last saw those boots. It’s now spring time and momma said he wouldn’t be back until late winter. He took off his cap to reveal his buzzed hair, just as I remember. There stands a tall, scrawny man dressed in desert camo with the look of despair upon his face as if he has seen more than his age is worth. I run across the deck and give him the tightest hug I could.

“I was just thinking about when we were kids and how we spent hours on the lake. Welcome back big brother. Mother said you weren’t supposed to be home until late December.”

He embraced my hug squeezing the life out of me just like he always had. After two years of writing letters, short calls, and countless care packages, my best friend returned home. He release me from his grip and walked towards the edge of the deck picking up the cat.

He said, “When did you get a cat?”

“I fed her once and she stayed ever since. Her name is Alora.”

We both stood petting the cat while we watched the sunrise over the mountain.

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