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Day 03 — Lunch Time

Here’s to another day with no social contact, aside from the texts. This brings back memories of how I spent my college summers at home. I’d stay up until the wee hours of the morning, we are talking about 5 or 6 a.m. and I’d sleep all day, and repeat. Something about the world sleeping while I was wide awake brought me peace. I didn’t have to talk with anyone, just me, my thoughts and the other night owls on the web. The other perk was I didn’t suffer through the hot and very humid summers accompanied by mosquitoes.

Today’s perk from working from home is… Let’s see if you can guess this perk.

Many people do this at the beginning of the week in large batches. They often take this to work.
You need this in order to survive.

What is this perk?

You guessed it, Lunch! I was able to make myself a quesadilla and it actually be fresh for lunch! I like the fact that I can cook meals fresh in my own home and still be able to come back to work. No more fretting in the morning as to what I’ll have. If I don’t meal prep before work, typically I scrounge the cabinets and fridge for whatever is easiest. I might be able to get used to this house arrest thing.

I haven’t heard the latest COVID-19 news yet, but its only day 03, could there be much news other than more people are being infected and unfortunately people are still dying from this virus. Please check in with your loved ones, check in daily with the higher risk populations, make sure they know you are thinking about them and love them. We would not be here without the elders.

‘Til tomorrow.

Everything but Realistic

Here I sit pondering,
what will come next.

57% of homeless kids spend one day a month
without food.

I was homeless my first years,
I still remember.

83% of children live in
a single parent household.

I lived with my two brothers
and mother for 18 years.

35.6% of those households,
are poor.

I was the kid who worried about
where my next meal will
come from.

36.4% of children/young adults
graduated with a college degree.

I graduated with a B.S. and soon
a Master’s.

What the statistics don’t show,
is the drive many have,
to beat the odds.

Realistically, I shouldn’t have
succeeded. With the odds,
clearly stacked against me.

Here I am living the dream.

The stats were from Covenant house and Single Mother Guide, 2016 U.S. Census Bureau.