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2018 Goals

I thought 2016 was a big year for me, 2018 is a whole different ball game. I’m graduating again! I’m quite involved and busy in my normal day to day life. During the last half of 2017 I realized somethings that I really could have improved on, thus giving me goals to aim for in 2018. I’m not calling this my New Years Resolution because let’s face it many of us don’t keep those. Also, by posting it on this blog I’m able to keep myself accountable.

  1. Make 52 new recipes (roughly 1 recipe per week). I love to cook and I’ve gotten into a rut cooking the same meals in a rotation. This will help me gain cooking skills, try new foods, and most of all appreciate food on another level.
  2. Post on here 108 times (roughly twice per week). I’ve neglected this beautiful blog I’ve nurtured for quite some time. Its best I give it life again. It won’t focus on strictly poetry more like whatever content I can prepare for the week.
  3. Get my LLC by May or August. I have 6 years experience in fundraising and I’d hate for all of this to go to waste once I start working as a behavioral therapist. This is one way to earn extra cash and keep my experience going.
  4. Explore my city with my camera once a month. I live in a metropolitan city which is roughly home to over 1 million people. I’d say I’ve only explored maybe 1% since I moved here mid 2012. It’s time to see what treasures this city holds.

Do you have any goals? Are your goals Specific Measurable Achievable Realsitic Timely?
If so, share them in a comment below. Don’t forget to like this post!

I never thought…

I’d live past the age eighteen,
Due to an irrational fear of driving.
I now drive every day,
I’m 22 years young.

I’d love to read again
I stopped reading in third grade
Now I read one book every month.

I’d find a new home,
because I love my family.
I now live two hours away and,
visit home once a month.

I’d be able to run,
because I couldn’t run far as a kid.
I love to run early in the morning,
I’ve ran 7 miles before.

I’d be a successful blogger,
because who would want to read my words?
Now, I have 100 followers
Thank you!

Don’t let the negative thoughts keep you from succeeding in life. Push yourself to your breaking point and keep on going. Every time I think I wouldn’t or couldn’t do something I proved myself wrong. In order to be successful you need to keep trying. No one is successful on the first attempt, if they were then there would be no satisfaction in succeeding. Image source.

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