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Here she lays beside me
dreaming in a magical world
filled with joy and love.

I sit and wonder where
time has gone.

You used to be so small,
now you are six years old
and embracing the world.

May you find happiness and love
where ever you go in life.
Never forget that Lolly loves you.

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I never thought…

I’d live past the age eighteen,
Due to an irrational fear of driving.
I now drive every day,
I’m 22 years young.

I’d love to read again
I stopped reading in third grade
Now I read one book every month.

I’d find a new home,
because I love my family.
I now live two hours away and,
visit home once a month.

I’d be able to run,
because I couldn’t run far as a kid.
I love to run early in the morning,
I’ve ran 7 miles before.

I’d be a successful blogger,
because who would want to read my words?
Now, I have 100 followers
Thank you!

Don’t let the negative thoughts keep you from succeeding in life. Push yourself to your breaking point and keep on going. Every time I think I wouldn’t or couldn’t do something I proved myself wrong. In order to be successful you need to keep trying. No one is successful on the first attempt, if they were then there would be no satisfaction in succeeding. Image source.

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Leaving Home

There comes a point where we must leave home. I left home four years ago, to attend college. After my parent’s helped me move my stuff into my dorm room, I hugged them goodbye and watched them drive away. When I got back to my room I closed the door and the tears started to fall because I wasn’t a little girl anymore. Here I was in a new city with no friends, no family, stranded. When I visited home on the weekends I felt right at home until it was time to leave. I’d cry as I left because I didn’t want to leave. Summer vacation rolled around and I was able to spend the summer days with my niece until I went back to school which broke my heart because seeing her cry and yell my name knowing I couldn’t go back and hug her was difficult.

Leaving home taught me how to appreciate the time I have with the people in my life. Over the course of four years I was able to grow much more. I gained great friendships, a job I love, memories that I cherish, my passion, and being independent. Now when I visit home, it doesn’t feel like home. Yes my parents still live there and my brother with a new addition of my step brother to. Maybe it’s because my parent’s finally moved all my things out of my old room. They converted it to the grandchildren room with a bed for when I visit. I’ve realized I have outgrown being home. My life isn’t there any longer it is two hours west with my cats. My parents have watched me complete a 5k in my new city. I took them to see a ballet then out to eat. They see my new home. They are happy for me. Although I can hear it in their voice when I call that they miss me.

No one warned me how easy it was to walk away from home.
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We leave something of ourselves behind when we leave a place, we stay there, even though we go away. And there are things in us that we can find again only by going back there.

— Pascal Mercier