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Guest Blogger Shivashishspeaks

Today’s Guest Blogger is Shivashish Kulshreshtha  From Shivashishspeaks. Shivashish is from India and is pursuing  B.tech from college. Shivashishspeaks consist of stories, poems, articles of various genres such as thriller, sicfi, and more.

Q:What interested you in blogging and what are your goals?
“I developed a liking towards literature and writing. Later my sister asked me to start blogging as she use to blog. Later me and my mother started different blogs on wordpress. I started blogging regularly on October 31st. Through blogging I think I can gain a platform to furnish and sharpen my skills. My blog provides me a sample space of creative writers and readers to improve my writing skills and gain feedback.”

Q: If you could give one piece of advice what would you say?
“We should always chase our passion and the job which suits our liking and taste should be chosen. As the ultimate aim of life is not earning money but success and happiness.

Q: What inspires you?
“I usually take inspiration from the timeline and milestones of evolution of science and society. Imagine all the possibilities and I think that is what shapes my fiction writing.”

Q: What brings you happiness?
“I become happy and cheerful in all successes, I find them rewarding. Also, my hard work  and shaping my future. I’m enthralled by the accreditation ,rewards, achievements of myself,my family , my country and humanity.

Q:Any last comments you’d like to share?
“Finally I would like to wish all your readers a very Happy New Year and may it take you to desirable heights in your carrier and bring happiness and Prosperity in your lives.”

Your Invitatoin

The invitation was sent
now excitement settles
as she awaits for inquires
about her series.

If you would like more information or to participate please contact me at: writing.natural@yahoo.com

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” –Anne Frank

Guest Blogger: I Think My Way


Name: Divyang Shah
Blog Site: https://ithinkmyway.wordpress.com/

Description of Blog:I write what comes through my life experience and what I feel I should write about. Sometimes, I just start typing and write what comes naturally from mind to fingers to page.

– What made you interested in blogging? When did you start?
I was reading stories from newspaper and listening to my grandfather from his childhood. Over the years, I sometimes thought about writing but never started. Once I have finished my bachelor’s & masters in computer, I had a vast knowledge of blogs and related topics. I used to read & write answers on Quora. There I started my blog on Quora. By doing this my interest in writing increased dramatically. During that time, I started WordPress blog and also participated in storymirror.com to write poems & articles some of which got selected. I also participated in one international group competition where all group members write and give reviews on each other’s writing. There also I got appreciation. The story I submitted for the competition is called: Life Across BorderThis is how I became more interested in blogging.I started my blog 1.5 years ago, since then, that I haven’t looked back.

-If you could give one piece of advice what would you say?
I will say, today many people says that it’s time to earn money and once we earn enough we will fulfill our dreams and follow our passion. But, that’s the wrong mentality. Because you will never feel that you earned enough rather you just need follow your passion parallel. Who knows it may open up new door to success.\.

-What is something you’ve always wanted to try but haven’t gotten around to trying?
Writing Book! I wish I could write a book just once. I feel I can write small story books but not a novel or even series, but anything can happen. Who knows what is hidden inside the future.

-What makes you the happiest?
I can be happy in small moments. I am the happiest when meet my family, read some good article, doing garba (Gujarati dance) ;p or reciting god’s songs and of course writing.

Guest Blogger bluevibesblog

Today’s guest blogger is Leopoldo De Samaniego (yeah, a mouthful, I get that a lot).His blog site is called bluevibesblog. He likes to release how he is feeling. He’s been wanting to talk about music which he does and he wants to start publishing his short stories.

He started his blog because his brother started a blog. Leopoldo said, “I’ve been craving a platform to express myself, so maybe 4 days after he started his own blog I started my own. I saw his views were like 100-200, then thought, “I could do that, but better.” And I did, he usually posts, like maybe once a month-ish, but I took it more serious as I’ve started using my site as a more serious platform to get my word and work out there.”

He would like to achieve from his blog is getting his wisdom and personal work out into the world. He wants to write in a serious manner but to also keep it fun and interesting. He states, “I want to be known, but not make it feel like a job and force myself to do it, which will start making it not feel as fun.” When he isn’t busy he likes to relax and adventure around his city.


His advice to all who are reading this is: “Follow your dream, improve every day, dedicate sometime to what your hobby is and make your hobby into something serious if you want to take it to the next level. I always thought those whole “follow your dreams” “you can do it” quotes are really corny and bullshitty but really, yeah, that’s what it is and what it’s about. Do what you love, keep it fun, and do it well. My momma always told me if I wanted to do something, do it right and be the best at it.”

Leopoldo wants to write a novel or two. However, it sounds easier than actually getting around to starting. He said, “Just the thought you’re actually about to do this real big thing — well at least big in your (my) head — is scary. It’s like wanting to go parachuting but then regretting it last minute once you’re already up in the plane and you basically have no alternative, sorta embarrassing to ask to come back, wouldn’t you think?”

I couldn’t agree more with him. The intimidation I get from facing a blank page always scares me which is one reason why I try to avoid blank pages as much as possible. In my office at work I have a folder filled with paper that can be recycled and mostly used on one side. So I take those papers and start writing, it calms me.

 Writing Natural Name & Slogan

Guest Blogger: Cee’s Photography

This week’s guest blogger is Cee Neuner creator of CeeNPhotpgraphy.com. Her blog is mainly about photography and building a community of other photography enthusisests. Typically Cee has four challenges a week which are: Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge, Cee’s Which Way Challenge, Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge, Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge, and Share Your World. Cee also teaches photography composition lessons once a month. Cee is extremely talented and passionate about her work. She first joined the online community called etsy.com to sell photography prints which didn’t work out too well. In doing so another community for photographers came along called redbubble.com she joined for about three years. Then she opened her own blog which has been going for almost four years now!!


One takeaway that she wants her readers to get is to have fun doing whatever you enjoy! Life is too short to waste on things you don’t want to do. I asked Cee what makes her the happiest? Cee said, “Happiness, in my opinion, is a state of mind.  Yes, there are various types of happiness, but it comes from believing and knowing that happiness can be achieved.  It is not something that is granted to you.  Some of my most memorable adventures are those where I decided to be happy no matter what.  Shortly after Chris and I moved to Oregon, I was really sick, after nearly dying for the second time (see my Lyme Disease). Chris and I went out for the day to ride our Max train (light rail public transportation) across town just to see what Portland looked like. I was hurting so bad and was very down that day. I didn’t want to disappoint Chris, so I agreed to go. I started the day out crying on the train. I decided I can make this a happy day or stay in the dumps.  I decided to make it a happy day and it was a happy day!  It didn’t make the pain ago away, but my attitude changed dramatically.”

If you’d like to see some more of Cee’s photos, please visit her blog at: ceenphotography.com. Cee is a talented photographer so I highly suggest you check her out! I want to say thank you to Cee for taking time out and answering the questions.