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Time withered away
our hurtful memories.
Leaving behind your
joyous smile.

Here I sit without you
as I await the night.

Like sand in the wind,
my dreams vanish.
Leaving me empty

The day will return
when you’re beside me
once more in paradise.

Life’s Hardships

There are these moments of hardship in everyone’s life, typically revolving around some sort of loss. It could be the loss of a pet, friend, loved one, a career, finances, and more. During these hardships there is no guide on how to operate while dealing with life. Yes, certain conversations can help prepare you for what to do next, but no conversation can help you prepare for that exact moment of impact.

You can read about other people’s experiences in dealing with hardships and tell yourself that you would respond a certain way. It isn’t until you are placed into that situation will you know what you would do. There is no right or wrong way with cooping hardships because it is a process. Seeking professional help where they can guide you through the emotional process can help but what about everything else? There are questions you have no answers to nor does anyone around you have the right answers. Many times we have to Pick ourselves up by the boot straps, sort of robotic like in handling the hardship before we can process what just happened.

Writing is always a great tool to help you put those thoughts which keep running in your mind onto something concrete. This will allow you to feel temporary relief and possibly help find a solution to your hardships. If you seek some religious outlet for relief or someone’s ear to help talk things through by all means get it out. In recent days, my father has been hospitalized due to a stroke and is currently in a coma. In a million years, I’d never thought that I’d have to see dreadful things happen to my father, was I wrong. I’m over two thousand miles away from him with two jobs and school all of which require my time and energy just as much as he deserves my time. I’m making a plan so when I do visit him, I’ll have goals and things to get done while he gets better.

The most precious thing in life isn’t money, fancy cars, careers, it’s time. Time is something that cannot be replaced nor replicated. The time is now and then it’s gone faster than a blink of an eye not to be spotted again. How we choose to spend our time is completely up to us. Yes, we can work 40 plus hours a week, buy expensive things, become CEO of a company, but we can’t work enough to make more time. We are the lucky ones.


Here I am,
just existing.

Clock in, Clock out,
each day like the last –

Not a smile nor wince
across this surface.

The light was uncovered,
in the labyrinth midst
luminously  shining.

Each day a new feat,
bringing with it
a cheerful glee.

Here I am,


Truth is

Truth is,
I never knew how
to say goodbye
when you let go.

I still hold
those happy days,
when you never let go.

Truth is,
I’m not okay without
hearing your voice
each morning.

I strive to progress
but here I am splintered,
bit by bit stranded.

Truth is,
You’ll regret the moment
you said goodbye.

I’ll find my wings,
and soar higher
than the clouds you
look up to.

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If you heard my story,
you’re jaw would drop.

I tell my past not
for pitty nor for

I share the triumphs
to help inspire.

My age might be young,
but my wisdom is
older than an oak tree.

You may shed a tear,
or smile wide
because I’ve succeeded.

My story isn’t finished yet,
I’ve got a world to explore,
and meet many more people.

I need you to smile,
keep your head up,
and remember
the sun is always shining.


Thoughts flutter faster
than a humming birds wings,
everything shatters.
Slivers of blood trickle down,
The truth splintered–
Lingering just out of reach.
The world colder now,
innocence gone,
Never foreseen in the same sun again.
Hope still remains after defeat.

So I wrote this a few months ago for a poetry workshop and I received some great feedback from my peers. I decided to revisit and revise this piece. I hope you enjoyed it.

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Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one remember to turn on the light.

–Albus Dumbledore