Time withered away our hurtful memories. Leaving behind your joyous smile. Here I sit without you as I await the night. Like sand in the wind, my dreams vanish. Leaving me empty handed. The day will return when you’re beside me once more in paradise.

Truth is

Truth is, I never knew how to say goodbye when you let go. I still hold those happy days, when you never let go. Truth is, I'm not okay without hearing your voice each morning. I strive to progress but here I am splintered, bit by bit stranded. Truth is, You'll regret the moment you said … Continue reading Truth is


If you heard my story, you're jaw would drop. I tell my past not for pitty nor for self-regard. I share the triumphs to help inspire. My age might be young, but my wisdom is older than an oak tree. You may shed a tear, or smile wide because I've succeeded. My story isn't finished … Continue reading Hope


Thoughts flutter faster than a humming birds wings, everything shatters. Slivers of blood trickle down, The truth splintered-- Lingering just out of reach. The world colder now, innocence gone, Never foreseen in the same sun again. Hope still remains after defeat. So I wrote this a few months ago for a poetry workshop and I … Continue reading Shatter