Human Touch

Experiencing the new normal is almost comical but also kinda depressing. My boss personally delivered a sweet surprise to me for my hard work. She handed it to me and stepped back – we’d normally hug during this type of exchange. We kind of just laughed about the “air hug.” The exchange was a tad... Continue Reading →

Through The Window

I feel dazed ascontact with realityis partially lost.Loss of vacations,In office work,birthday celebrations,graduations –even your touch.Life is lived in the details,with no mercy in sight --This is our great loss. Anxiety ridden thoughtsI’m afraid of:being sick,dying alone,the end never comes,no sense of normalcy. During the bombings,in the bunker I socializedwe all sharedthe same fate. Uncertainty... Continue Reading →

What does it mean to be human?

I want you to answer this question in the comments below. Go ahead, I'll wait.... I began thinking about what it means to be human in my night class. I made a list of different things I thought being human means which is below Emotions Memories Timeline Communication Consciousness Life Perfection Perfection is crossed out... Continue Reading →

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