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– Let’s skip this part.

– Tiny vulnerable infant not aware of the big, big world.

– Laughter, games and cheer with hits of sorrow that stain my mind.

Teenage Rebellion
– Hard work, broken hearts alongside musical notes and well kept secrets.

College Years
– Strong willed, eager, independent responsible adult-ish with not one but two degrees, what mighty times they were.

Young Adulthood
– Uneasy, anxious and lost in a forest of uncertain watching others settle into their nest.

The rest is still being written….

I don’t know what will come after this young adulthood season. What I do know is that wherever I am, I will always be better than I was yesterday. Each day gives us an opportunity to fine tune ourselves to finally be the best of the best. As a wise man once said

Be the best you can be, until you can be better.

A wiseman

Life’s Battle

Warning, no two
battles are the same.
Each accustomed
to their owner.
You’ll face
brick walls,
burned bridges,
roads less traveled.
Testing your skills,
in order to improve
your life.
I’d never want
to see you fail.

This poem is in response to Life’s Own Battle┬áby Emma Jackson. I wanted to be the voice of life. I’m not sure if I actually achieved that, however I did write something. Hope you enjoyed!