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That familiar jingle played

over and over sending
me back.

To where we first met
in the cramped elevator
on the 32nd floor.

You were like a lost
puppy looking for
your way in the
Big apple.

I offered my hand
and you never let go,
until that fateful day
when i left you behind.

My love for you
echos in the wind,
dear don’t forget me.

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Seal the Deal

Eyes closed.
Take a deep breath in,
slowly exhale
release those anxious nerves.

Smile into the mirror,
brush off your suit,
adjust your tie,
time is almost here.

Eyes closed.
Breath in, exhale— again,
relax those weak knees,
fight those tears of joy.

Smile into the mirror,
adjust your dress,
grasp those flowers,
time is almost here.

Line up,
que the music,
file into the room,
everyone is looking at you.

Slowly walk, flowers in hand,
father beside you.
Your final steps before
your world changes.

Rings placed on both hands,
unifying two families – into one.
You kiss before us,
sealing the deal.

Image source.
Inspiration from The Daily Post: Primp