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There they met for the first time.

She knew he was about to change her world.

Alone they talked, smiled, laughed –

Without a care.

There he picked her up –

For once she wasn’t scared.

She gave him her 143 that day,

He wept happiness –

Something he lost a long time ago.

They met at a park and have loved ever since.

Lost In Time

There we danced together
like flower petals falling
off their stem.

Gracefully entangled,
in each others arms.

There we danced together
beneath the moon light
as stars fell from the night sky.

Floating above the sea,
twisting round n round.

There we danced together
lost in time.

Love for Him

There you lay
Soundly asleep,
nights like
these are my favorite.
Honey isn’t as sweet
as this.
Every sun rise
you’re by my side,
my partner in crime.
You’ve saved
this damsel
in distress more
than once.
My life changed
for the better
with you in it.

Seal the Deal

Eyes closed.
Take a deep breath in,
slowly exhale
release those anxious nerves.

Smile into the mirror,
brush off your suit,
adjust your tie,
time is almost here.

Eyes closed.
Breath in, exhale— again,
relax those weak knees,
fight those tears of joy.

Smile into the mirror,
adjust your dress,
grasp those flowers,
time is almost here.

Line up,
que the music,
file into the room,
everyone is looking at you.

Slowly walk, flowers in hand,
father beside you.
Your final steps before
your world changes.

Rings placed on both hands,
unifying two families – into one.
You kiss before us,
sealing the deal.

Image source.
Inspiration from The Daily Post: Primp


Fresh Feelings

There I stood
heart racing,
hands sweaty,
legs shaking.

You on one knee
smiling wide,
eyes sparkle,
reaching for my hand.

My mind perplexed,
I jump with a yes.

40 years between us,
those feelings still fresh.
My withered hand in yours,
holding tight.

We dance step by step
on our anniversary.

Image Source.