Apartment 204

855 square feet, two people one cat. Apartment 204 there it sat -- vacant awaiting for life to fill its vast space. Tickle fights, Cat naps, Romantic dinners dressed the walls. There we sat building our Ikea dresser on a Summer's day. Eating our first meal, where we lived together in clash. A year later … Continue reading Apartment 204


There they met for the first time. She knew he was about to change her world. Alone they talked, smiled, laughed – Without a care. There he picked her up – For once she wasn’t scared. She gave him her 143 that day, He wept happiness – Something he lost a long time ago. They … Continue reading 143.

I’d Rather Be…

I’d rather be… listening to your voice, than drying my tears. I’d rather be… hearing your life stories from you, than others sharing for you. I’d rather be… holding your hand than carrying your casket. You’d rather be… flying planes in the valley than watching us weep.


Those dainty words twirl and dance between my eyes. I’ll say it today, I’ll say it tomorrow, I love – you. Sweaty palms, speedy heart, unable to calm the storm as you glide towards me. Your smile grows wide, melting my heart. The world sits in silence, now’s my chance. I……I…..I love….. I love you! … Continue reading Love

Lost In Time

There we danced together like flower petals falling off their stem. Gracefully entangled, in each others arms. There we danced together beneath the moon light as stars fell from the night sky. Floating above the sea, twisting round n round. There we danced together lost in time.