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Just Blink

Breathe life into each moment.

Live without any regrets.

Inspire those around,

Nourish those ideas,

Knowing that life is precious.

This Micro poem was inspired by The Daily Post prompt: Blink

Summer Falls

Red, Orange, Yellow
paint the scene.

Short sleeves
start to fall.

Cool breeze
settle in.

Shorter days,
longer nights.

Summer falls,
Autumn Rises.

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Your Invitatoin

The invitation was sent
now excitement settles
as she awaits for inquires
about her series.

If you would like more information or to participate please contact me at: writing.natural@yahoo.com

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” –Anne Frank

Thy name.



The featured image is a display of the most popular names in 2013 from the United States. I thought this photo would be a great way to introduce my own name in light of the Daily Post Photo Challenge: Names. The graphic for this post is a short poem using my first name.


Beneath your feet

What is underground? How far does one have to dig to be underground? What Is under the underground? What story does the underground know that I don’t? I found myself in Florida for an unfortunate family gathering where I met my mother’s side of the family. All the voices I heard over the phone for years are now people. My cousin gave my brother and I a small tour of St. Augustine. As we walked I noticed bricks that were engraved with names and I was confused. Was this where people had fought and died? Was this our way to honor them?

Beneath your feet
a life was taken,
to make room for yours
yet their legacy lives on.

Flash forward to me searching for a grave on a spring day. I wondered what secrets the underground held. What happened here before this was dedicated as a memorial park. Constantly society is shaping but what story lies beneath the fabricated stores, the asphalt roads, the train tracks, what is the story? Our history is within these roots do we learn from them or pave over them in hope to bury the hatchet?

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Once I was on top of the world
Glancing down to find your sound.
That sweet melody echoed
Through the plaza.
I watched you play from afar
Begging you to keep playing
As the sun set behind you.
Now when I’m on top of the world
I seek your sound only
To find your ghost  
On that bench. 

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