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Those dainty words
twirl and dance
between my eyes.

I’ll say it today,
I’ll say it tomorrow,
I love – you.

Sweaty palms, speedy heart,
unable to calm the storm
as you glide towards me.

Your smile grows wide,
melting my heart.

The world sits in
silence, now’s my chance.

I……I…..I love…..
I love you!


Screen to Screen

Those three dots
killed me.

What is to come after?
Can I bare the news?

Why’d you stop typing?
Was it something I said?
Come back, I’m sorry.

Oh good you’re back,
now tell me what you
really think of me.

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Many times I withhold what I really want to say when I conversate with people via screens. One, I can’t read their body language in order to understand if the conversation is going great. Two, I can’t read their tone of voice (unless its all capitol letters which indicates either anger or excitement). Those three dots kill me sometimes if I decide to discuss something controversial screen to screen.