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This is the moment,
I’d remember for
the rest of my life.

I breathe deep,
stare just a little longer
at the beautiful scene.

I withhold a napkin
to wipe my tears later.

I take a pillow
to rest my head
once this is over.

I snap a photograph
freezing the moment

Ask me 20 years
from now about
these keepsakes.

Past to Present

Little Girl, don’t be shy
don’t hide away
you are brilliant.

You’ve got ideas
worth millions
and a bright
life ahead
so don’t hide now.

Chase your dreams
as you carry your head high
leaving the doubters behind.

You’ll achieve great things
so long as you try
even after you’ve failed
get right back up
and try, try again.

Little girl, don’t listen
to those who tell
you: You’re missing out.
reply with: No you are.

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This past week I’ve realized that I kept chasing after everything I ever wanted in life even after failure. Recently, I ran for Vice President for an organization I am apart of. Elections were last week and the executive board was released Friday. Days leading up to Friday, I was busy in meetings, and election day, I had no confidence. I thought I would fail, however, I won. Life is about taking risks the outcome determines if the risk was good or bad. Keep moving forward.

Writing Natural Name & Slogan

Music ties the past to the future

Back about six years ago I was in band camp rehearsing for the upcoming football season and band competitions. We had a guest instructor to teach us different techniques about playing. He said,” Notes are just ink on a page. You have to play the notes with emotion to make it music.” Music can have moments of impacts. Yesterday a friend suggested me their current favorite band which is Clearwater Creedence Revival. At the time I had no idea what band they were. So I gave them a look on YouTube and the first song I listened to was Have You Ever Seen The Rain? This brought me straight back to my childhood. I was sitting in my step-dads Toyota truck driving down the 5 freeway on our way to his parents house. The windows were rolled down the music on loud and the sun beating on my face. The next song I listened to was Bad Moon Rising, which sent me back to that night my step dad was drinking a bit too much and blasted music. He took me by the hand and started to dance with me in the living room as my mom sat on the couch and watched. He sung along and she laughed so hard. I rarely get these images in my mind unless I have something that triggers these memories. When I hear Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen I think about my first band show I ever preformed in high school. I also think about my mother because she loves queen and on our trip to Florida Queen was the only thing we listened to on the way there and back. Music is powerful. It can help link our past to our future. I realized that I love more music with instrumental take than words. Such as Tell me by Orka, I’ll be Good by Jaymes Young, Your Hand in Mine by Explosions In The Sky. All of these take me away from the place I’m at and bring me to a place where I’m humble. Where I want to create something worth listening to. I always ask people what their favorite song is because the music they listen to tells a part about the person. Music is all around us you just have to listen to it.

What song do you listen to in order to remember your childhood? Please feel free to reply in the comment section below, I’d love to hear your music.

A wise man once said:

Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent.

–Victor Hugo

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