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2018 Goals

I thought 2016 was a big year for me, 2018 is a whole different ball game. I’m graduating again! I’m quite involved and busy in my normal day to day life. During the last half of 2017 I realized somethings that I really could have improved on, thus giving me goals to aim for in 2018. I’m not calling this my New Years Resolution because let’s face it many of us don’t keep those. Also, by posting it on this blog I’m able to keep myself accountable.

  1. Make 52 new recipes (roughly 1 recipe per week). I love to cook and I’ve gotten into a rut cooking the same meals in a rotation. This will help me gain cooking skills, try new foods, and most of all appreciate food on another level.
  2. Post on here 108 times (roughly twice per week). I’ve neglected this beautiful blog I’ve nurtured for quite some time. Its best I give it life again. It won’t focus on strictly poetry more like whatever content I can prepare for the week.
  3. Get my LLC by May or August. I have 6 years experience in fundraising and I’d hate for all of this to go to waste once I start working as a behavioral therapist. This is one way to earn extra cash and keep my experience going.
  4. Explore my city with my camera once a month. I live in a metropolitan city which is roughly home to over 1 million people. I’d say I’ve only explored maybe 1% since I moved here mid 2012. It’s time to see what treasures this city holds.

Do you have any goals? Are your goals Specific Measurable Achievable Realsitic Timely?
If so, share them in a comment below. Don’t forget to like this post!


This month is such an oddball of a month for me. I have had fall break, next week I go to a conference and then October is gone. Two months left of the year. During fall break I went to the zoo which I enjoy and also detest because the animals should be in a bigger sanctuary and or left in the wild. I love going to the zoo because I’m able to capture photos of the animals. My favorite animal to photograph are the gorillas. Below are my favorite shots I got this zoo trip. Let me know what you think!


An Important Lesson

In recent days, I’ve spent majority of my time between my two jobs, school, homework, and YouTube. YouTube has helped me realize that I created Writing Natural to leave some imprint of myself, outside of the typical social media platforms. I wanted people to hear my voice. In doing so I stopped writing to focus more on poetry, because that is what my audience wants. I watched this vlogger on YouTube and he said, “just continue to produce otherwise it was never made” he was referring to photography specifically but I think that this can apply to all aspects of hobbies. If I just write at least three times a week, it doesn’t matter what I produce because there will always be someone listening (or reading). I’ve continued to get support even when I’m not producing any work, which makes me feel awful that I haven’t provided any content in a while.

Thanks for always willing to read my stuff. In the upcoming days that I do post, they will more than likely be about various things outside of poetry. I’d like to get myself back on track with posting at least three times a week. I do love WordPress and the community I have. It’s time to get to work and finish strong, I only have 12 weeks left!

The photo below is one I took while waiting 5 hours for my car to get fixed (not the best day). Let me know what you think!


Many Thanks,

Writing Natural.



Four days a week I cross tracks. These tracks are the home to many trains. Trains that are always coming and going on the path that was laid by men. At the time, they were working to benefit the future (paving the way for the future). These tracks slice a University in two. Over 100 years since the University opened yet no plan for a better commute until this year. The University developed a milti-million dollar land bridge to compliment campus. The train is no longer needed for transporting students. The train is now for resources. In a few years the tracks will not be an obstacle any longer because we’ve found a way to make the tracks “invisible”.  Should we just overlook what hard working men developed many years ago in order to make our lives more efficient?

My challenge to you is to stop and think about your daily life and how it was improved by people you’ve never met. Stop and appreciate them for their hard work. Examples I’ve found in my life are:

  • My house
  • The roads I drive on
  • Electricity that powers majority of what I use now.
  • Improved communications so that I could share these thoughts over the cyber world.

There are many ways that people you’ve never met that have benefited you.
Image source is from my personal collection of photography.